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Selfish noisy neighbours

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Notcontent Fri 12-Jul-13 23:50:32

Yes, I know it's been done to death before, but surely I am not being unreasonable to be upset that someone is having a really rowdy party in their garden at nearly midnight?
It's not even next door, but a bit further down. All my windows are closed but they are so noisy. Loud music and drinking and carrying on, increasingly getting worse. I mean up to about 10 pm that may be ok but after? It's terrace houses so I can't really tell who it is and nothing I can do.
Are people selfish or oblivious? I guess they are drunk, but living very close to other people in central London, in a street with lots of young children, wouldn't you think twice?

Buzzardbird Sat 13-Jul-13 06:44:29

Fecking magpies

PeachActiviaMinge Sat 13-Jul-13 06:51:26

How do you call the police on labours? Can you call them on the Tories too? grin

Neighbours behind us are drunk every single night with music blaring out and screaming at their children who are either still up in the garden at 3am or three streets away.

ChuffMuffin Sat 13-Jul-13 08:24:53

The police refuse to come out to noisy neighbours round here (hmm).

We're in rented at the moment and we're hopefully buying a house in the next couple of months. I'm really worried though that we'll end up next door again to really noisy neighbours and this time we won't be able to do anything as we own. At least now our whole block is owned by one nice landlord, who is going to get a barrage of phone calls on Monday sad.

Ledkr Sat 13-Jul-13 08:35:00

I always repay our noisy ones with a nice early brekkie in the garden with the kids.
My other neighbours are elder so up early and always know what in doing as they've heard the previous nights racket.
Mind you they probably don't hear us cos flat out asleep.

Whothefuckfarted Sat 13-Jul-13 08:37:52

Every night then log/complain etc. One off? Get over it.

HooverFairy Sat 13-Jul-13 08:43:01

Anything after midnight is inconsiderate, I'd just call the police instead of getting in a confrontation with them especially if there's alcohol involved.

We once received a lovely 'notice' about a birthday party that was going to take place. It was for the same night and was basically worded "we've told you about the noise so you can't complain now, if you don't like it then go somewhere else for the night'. Lovely. We'd never even met them before.

I'd rather a one off party than listening to a screaming row though. I'd just take Ledkr's advice and make lots of noise, very early in the morning smile.

ChuffMuffin Sat 13-Jul-13 08:47:50

I wish mine were a one off! Drum and bass at the volume of a jet engine all evening all week, they've been told they have to leave by LL but it's just made them turn the music up louder. And when they're not partying they're screaming at each other.

ChuffMuffin Sat 13-Jul-13 08:48:25

this has been going on for months btw, on the other side of them they have a family with small kids, I feel so sorry for that family sad

JRmumma Sat 13-Jul-13 08:58:43

If its a one off then you have to just grit your teeth id say. Everyone is entitled to have a party in their own home every once in a while, and the chance to use their garden while we have the weather for it!

Solaia Sat 13-Jul-13 09:03:43

I don't think YABU, noisy neighbours is one of those things that really pushes my buttons. DH and I are currently house hunting so that we can move from our annoying neighbours (we love our house otherwise).

Ours stay outside talking drunkenly till after midnight even through the week. On Monday at 5am they were playing the guitar and having a sing song. They often have loud parties that go on until 5/6am and DH and I have taken to wearin earplugs to bed most nights...

We have contacted them, their landlady, the council etc but they are still inconsiderate wretches. I'm not sure how people can behave like that. Not that it is really a wealth issue, but we live in a 'nice' area of the city, in a townhouse overlooking a green, loads of families nearby etc. The offenders are mature students in their 30's (therefore older than DH and I) Really grinds my gears!

MadeOfStarDust Sat 13-Jul-13 09:05:23

we have the other end of the day problems - neighbours out cutting grass and shouting greetings at 7am....

my kids got back off a school trip at 1.30am - tiredy-grump-city here today....

ChuffMuffin Fri 26-Jul-13 00:32:26

Mine have just started up again, playing really loud music at midnight. On a Thursday. DP went round there to tell them to turn it down, they refused to answer the door but he then got a response from them which was "it's not just us playing music". Um, yeah it fucking is. And they've turned it up louder. I'm so angry and so's DP, he's furious.

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