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GP really arsey

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sukysue Fri 12-Jul-13 22:26:52

Well aibu? took dd1 to gp for emergency appt to get antibiotics for cellulitis on her leg following insect bites . She is away at uni and is registered there now not at the home surgery but of course she is home now.Anyway she had to register as a temporary patient to see the gp today. When we went in she gave dd the antibiotics straight away within about 1 minites consultation it was 5 o'clock and we were the last patient waiting. She was on emergency surgery till 6.30. So while we were there I said to her oh dr could you please prescribe my dd some duac for her acne. She went on about how it was an emergency appt and that it wasn't really the time and place to ask for that,she then went on to say I have been here for 3 hours in surgery and I have had a terrible day . By the time she had finished moaning and being arsey if she had just given her the bloody duac we would have been gone already I explained that we wouldn't be going back any time soon as she was in uni and this was to prevent a waste of ours and their time getting an appt just for the duac,honestly we never go to the gp . I was very nice to her thanked her very much and creep arsed around her but it has really upset me to be honest it was such a little thing to ask of her there was no need for her to treat us like that. I just feel really deflated at her attitude. I wish I could do just a four and a half hour shift.

Flobbadobs Mon 15-Jul-13 10:35:56

When I dealt with repeat prescriptions it was always just a note requesting the meds handed in at reception. If she explains when she makes her request before the end of term that she needs enough to cover her holidays when she's back at home she should be covered. She should only see a doctor about them if they need to do a meds review I think.
Honestly when I read threads like this I see why my former boss phased out his drop in clinic! If everyone had a "just one more thing" episode the surgery would never close...

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