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to want to name and shame my estate agent? And to ask, how?

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QueenofWhispers Fri 12-Jul-13 19:29:17

16 months ago, I moved into the property of my dreams. I cannot afford to buy, and I am restricted due to certain circumstances to live in a certain area. I have posted about some of this before.

I honestly feel like our problems stems from f*ckless incompetent asswipes who think they manage properties I feel that the landlords are actually quite accommodating in themselves but because they live oversees the management company is who I have to rely on.

From the day that I moved in, there have been outstanding issues that were supposed to have been resolved before moving in. The list is long and extensive...and I was assured that 'of course these things will be fixed in due time. It's been 16 months and not much has been fixed.

The specific issue I will be speaking about today is a leak in the ceiling which has now turned into a collapsed ceiling in the sitting room. sad Brown water is cascading down--every single pot, pan and bucket I own is underneath trying to catch it. The other half of the ceiling is threatening to fall down. I did report this issue numerous times over the year (before when the leak was just a brown spot on the ceiling) ...They did eventually send out a plumber today (Landlords spoke to the management company on my behalf and reiterated how important it was that it happen today as I had waited far too long).

So magically someone did come today, tore open half a meter hole in my ceiling and then ran away saying they would send someone else 'asap'. When I went up, the half meter hole in the ceiling had bubbled and now a 4x5 meter hole is in it's place. The whole of the ceiling is 8.5 meters by 6 meters and the brown liquid is just not stopping. Management company (which is a notorious estate agent) had our property manager return my call who told me she didn't know what to do after the plumber had left and only could advise me when the leak had stopped...she told me to call the fire brigade...who came and told us that it was serious because the water was affecting the electric circuiting of the whole house.

Tracing the leak to a leak in a flat that is not occupied. Fire brigade turned off the water supply to that flat but there is an unspecified amount of water trapped between the floor and our ceiling and no one knows when the leak will dry out.

When the fire-man spoke to my property manager person about our home being un-inhabitable due to the mould, brown liquid and debris she told him she didn't know what to do as she was to be away for the weekend and was running late.

I am supposed to stay here over the weekend because I have no money (payday is next friday) to stay anywhere else...I have no family close by (I'm an expat).

I've got pictures, I've got emails and I've got rage...but who would actually care?

I had a DS with SN, and I'm pregnant with baby two. Why is this ever soo complicated?

BreadNameBread Sun 14-Jul-13 16:00:21

I replied to your PM earlier this afternoon. smile

QueenofWhispers Sun 14-Jul-13 17:04:19

Thank you Bread you've really made my day brighter.

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