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To want to be asked about med students being in my appointments?

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beth27123 Fri 12-Jul-13 14:48:34

Just gone into my 16 week midwife appointment to be faced with two baby faced male med students. I had quite personal questions I wanted to ask and felt like I should have been asked? Maybe I'm overreacting on the subject but with a history of abuse from a former relationship I find it hard enough to have OH in some appointments. I don't really know how to deal with it but it was suggested these students may be present in further appointments.

Mrsdavidcaruso Mon 15-Jul-13 06:13:45

The thing that annoyed my Sis most Blackmini is that whilst they were waiting for the consultant she had spoken the senior nurse on the ward and told her how distressed the girl was and asked her to contact the consultant to tell him that his patient was refusing permission for students, the nurse was very rude ordered her back to bed and to mind her own business, needless to say my Sis ignored her but thought that the nurse should have been on the patients side.

Robotindisguise Mon 15-Jul-13 06:37:13

Hooray for your sister Mrsdavid!

TheFallenNinja Mon 15-Jul-13 06:50:39

If you don't want them in on your next appointment, just give them some pop and crisps and tell them to sit outside smile

AwkwardSquad Mon 15-Jul-13 19:22:51

YANBU, OP, you should have been asked first. If the midwife had explained and asked your permission, you may have felt comfortable enough to say yes. It's about appropriate boundaries and respect, I think.

I had a trainee GP once who asked if it was ok to video the consultation. Apparently it was so that his manner with patients could be assessed. He explained so nicely, I was quite happy to say yes even though normally I'd be mortified at being filmed. (I hasten to add it was a verbal consult only, no disrobing required!)

cardamomginger Mon 15-Jul-13 19:31:01

Hmm. I think 'Doctor in Training' is a somewhat misleading description for a medical student. To me, it suggests someone who has already qualified as a doctor and is doing their training on the ward. A House Officer, in other words.

BreadNameBread Mon 15-Jul-13 23:53:51

You are right. 'doctor in training' implies he already is a Doctor confused.
Maybe he said 'Trainee Doctor' which still sounds better than medical student but is still correct.

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