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To need you to tell me that this will be great

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Verycold Thu 11-Jul-13 21:45:10

Going back to work in September after 12 years as a Sahm (teaching). Was thrilled initially to get the job but now terrified. Thinking about all the practical difficulties, especially round childcare. Worried that the children will really suffer from seeing far less of me. Please could you all give me lots of reasons why it will be great and why it was exactly the right decision. Was out strawberry picking with the kids this afternoon and thought "what am I doing?" shock

RabbitsarenotHares Sat 13-Jul-13 00:09:58

My mum stopped work and never returned full-time. She did pt work for a few years but not for long. My father died when I was young and she didn't need to work.

Although she did it so she could be at home for me I really wish she hadn't. It means she's been as good as retired for nearly 30 years. It stopped being a novelty a long time ago and she's had far too many years of empty days. Since I left for uni 15 years ago it's been worse, as she's been on her own much more, and as she'd very much got into the habit of not working she found excuses for not taking any thing I found her, at the same time acknowledging it would do her good.

Personally I feel if she'd not been home all my school life she would have been forced to let me have more responsibility. I wanted it, but because she had nothing else to do I didn't get it. I would be a better person today if she'd let me.

mumofweeboys Sat 13-Jul-13 00:12:23


Reassure yourself with 'whats the worst that can happen', if u hate it u leave.

My 4 year old has told me and his beloved granda off several times for picking him up too early from daycare

monicalewinski Sat 13-Jul-13 00:14:11

Cloudsandtrees said right at the beginning:
"It will be great for all the reasons that made you start looking for a job in the first place."

Exactly that. Every mum that I know who's gone back to work has had this wobble, whether it's after 6 months, a year or more. To go back after 12 years, I'm not surprised you're second guessing yourself. It will be fine - within a few weeks you will probably look back and wonder why you were so apprehensive.

Best of luck, and enjoy!

I agree with others, the key is organisation. I make packed lunches the night before, uniform are laid out and ideally bags packed. I get up before the children so I have some quiet time to organise myself.

Simple rules like
Dirty clothes straight in the laundry basket for everyone ( yes you DH)
Unpack you sports bag as soon as you get in.
No TV in the morning

CoolStoryBro Sat 13-Jul-13 00:29:19

Of course you can do it! I am tentatively looking for a job myself (16 years later!) and am having exactly the same wobbles and I don't even have the job yet!! Good luck!

Verycold Sat 13-Jul-13 07:58:43

Good luck coolstory

Whothefuckfarted Sat 13-Jul-13 08:19:28

This will be great. hmm

Verycold Sat 13-Jul-13 10:36:51

Thank you who, not sure about the face though!

janey68 Sat 13-Jul-13 11:10:04

I can relate a bit to rabbits post, because my mother never worked much at all after having children yet in many ways it might have been better for her if she had.
She did a bit of part time work when I was at school and it really didn't have any negatives for me at all, in fact I would say the opposite: it helped me see her as a person in her own right as well as my mum, and encouraged me to be more self reliant in little ways.

I only stopped Working while on maternity leaves and even after that there's often a bit of a wobble! It's changing from one phase to another isn't it? So after 12 years its entirely Normal to get the jitters. But you will be fine, your children will be fine and you'll be adding a new and exciting dimension to your life

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