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to take a holiday without DS1?

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SonShines Wed 10-Jul-13 10:16:35

DS1 (8yo) is going on holiday with his Dad this year, abroad, for 1 week.

We have 2 other DC (4 and 2yo). We have the option to go away whilst DS1 is at his Dad's (not at the same time as him being abroad). I feel awful that we won't be taking DS1, but I will also feel awful if the other DC's don't get a holiday. It will just be camping in France, but we've done it the last 2 years running with all of them.

I don't know what to do sad

What's fair in this situation?

1) DS gets his holiday, we go away without him
2) DS gets his holiday with Dad and comes with us (would need to be at a different time so with be a strain financially) (also will mean he's a holiday 'up' on the other 2)
3) DS goes on holiday and we have a 'holiday' at home (DH take the time off, we do holiday things, we live in a holiday destination anyway so wouldn't be hard)

This is the first time DS1 is going away with his Dad so not had to deal with this before...

ProudAS Wed 10-Jul-13 12:10:23

I think option 1

DS2 is starting school in September and it will be your last chance to take advantage of term time prices.

DS1 is going to Florida for 10 days and it sounds like his dad is spoiling him. He needs to learn that he can't have everything.

Next year you will be restricted to school holidays so take all 3 away together then.

GreenSkittles Wed 10-Jul-13 16:52:30

What does your DH think?

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