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To be worried about this man?

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ariane5 Tue 09-Jul-13 23:25:25

There is a man who lives very near to us, he is to put it nicely a bit of a 'character'. He never just walks past anybody and stops to talk and often says and does the strangest things.

I was once on a bus where he serenaded a passenger then asked the driver to marry him and wanted to go to meet her mother with her and was begging for her address. I think he has some kind of mental health problem and I've always just considered him harmless.

Recently things have changed though, I am out every day for school drop off, pre school drop off, shops etc and have seen him daily, screaming, shouting, chasing buses and jumping out on people then laughing.
On sunday he was trying to sell things to people down our road and when they refused he proceeded to smash up a van, the front of a shop and chase people.
The owner of the shop said he has been threatened by this man and had been to court although obviously no action was taken.

The last couple of weeks he seems to have really gone downhill. I was wondering if maybe I should phone the local police and they might look into it. He clearly needs help of some sort and can't be feeling well to be acting so angrily.

I have got to the point where I'm slightly nervous going out with dcs as he is constantly around and seems so agitated. Dd1 had just started popping to the post box or newsagents for me (the shop that was smashed up) and I've had to say to her for the time being she can't as I'm just too concerned she will bump into him and react in the wrong way and I'm worried for her safety.

Boomba Tue 09-Jul-13 23:28:01

yes phne the pice immediatey when yu see him, s they can find him

hes prbaby stpped taking his medicatin

ive phned the pice fr the same reasn

badtime Tue 09-Jul-13 23:34:12

I would say that in the situation you describe, where the person in question is acting in an erratic and destructive manner, the police would be the best people to deal with him in the first instance.

The police have powers under the Mental Health Act (s.136) to detain someone so they can be examined my mental health professionals.

MortifiedAdams Tue 09-Jul-13 23:36:58

Boomba is half your keyboard missing?

OP what about Social Services? Do you know where he lives?

TiggyD Tue 09-Jul-13 23:37:02

The police will probably be on first name terms with this chap already. I think they'll need to know about his behaviour getting worse.

TiggyD Tue 09-Jul-13 23:37:46

'O' button missing?

Boomba Tue 09-Jul-13 23:38:57

grin yy the vwe that cmes after n and the etter after k!!

oreocookiez Tue 09-Jul-13 23:40:37

Phone the police and explain the situation. He needs to be assessed by MH, sounds like he is off his meds poor guy. Regardless of what he is doing he will be very unsure and frightened underneath all that bravado and the world will look very different to him (like going out with gravy down your jumper - you think its all ok until someone point it out). Hope the guy gets some help, you are a caring person for even noticing him.

ariane5 Tue 09-Jul-13 23:41:06

I know the road he lives in as it is very close to us and he has a very distinctive appearance so would be easy to find.

I was wondering about phoning SS or the mental health unit as if he is known to either perhaps it would be kinder for him to receive a visit from them rather than the police?

Boomba Tue 09-Jul-13 23:43:34

he needs hep fast

phne the pice nw

ariane5 Tue 09-Jul-13 23:50:00

I will phone the local police and let them know.

He really does need some help I think. It is horrible for me worrying about it each time I go out but to be him and obviously feeling very unwell must be a whole lot worse.

Buzzardbird Wed 10-Jul-13 00:36:44

Good idea Op, sounds serious.

Boomba, I think you should start a thread about yoko ono who loves egg yolks grin

Boomba Wed 10-Jul-13 09:50:01

grin buzzard

Everyone insisted I was drunk, on t'other thread!

MusicalEndorphins Wed 10-Jul-13 11:52:07

The police will be gentle and supportive as possible and will probably bring him to the hospital right away. I think they will try and chat him into agreeing to go to be checked up, if possible. He may go willingly if he knows them from before. They will get him helped the quickest I think. Hope it works out.

freddiefrog Wed 10-Jul-13 11:56:24

Is he elderly? Age Concern were really helpful when we had a similar situation with an elderly lady.

Social Services and Police were also really good

ariane5 Wed 10-Jul-13 13:58:32

He is probably in his forties I think. I phoned and had to leave a message with the local police but they have not got back to me yet.

If I see him and he is still behaving in the same way I will phone again.

I hope they do help him, he has obviously been very unwell recently.

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