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.... to think that cake smashes are utterly ridiculous??

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honey86 Tue 09-Jul-13 17:59:53

my niece had a very expensive cake... a princess castle that was so well made and my sil went through so much trouble to bring it 25 miles to her party in my town..
refused to cut it or give anyone a slice saying she wanted to get it home untouched..... then let her destroy it... she did everything to it other than eat it....

i might sound boring here but i just find it an utter waste to blow that sort of money on something that will be wrecked in minutes shock

when i was a kid i was neglected, i was lucky if i got fed a pot noodle for my dinner. so i cant help but be abit shock when i see kids nowadays having so much money and expensive things at their disposal...

i heard its an american craze... but if it must happen, why not a cheapie cake thrown together rather than a beautiful expensive one?! i just dont understand it blush

eccentrica Wed 10-Jul-13 17:02:58

cosy she wasn't talking to the woman in the shop, she was braying about it to her equally annoying friend. But doing it so loudly that everyone in the shop could hear her.

No one is disputing she had the right to do it, just like anyone has the right to smash up an expensive cake if they've paid for it. That doesn't make it right though.

personally I found it really distasteful and rude. If karma was real she'd find herself a few years down the line unable to afford a dress to get married in. Unfortunately, class and money being what it is, chances of that are pretty much zero.

slightlysoupstained Wed 10-Jul-13 17:14:27

My SIL's dress came from a charity shop, it went back again afterwards. It was a gorgeous dress, nice to think of something that someone somewhere had put so much time into giving pleasure to other women.

I can see the point that when you've donated something, that's it, you don't get a say any more, but part of the point is that the fabric and labour costs that go into that one item are pretty substantial, and you may not feel good about burning that much of the planet up for 1 day's wear. If dress wrecking became common, and I wanted to pass a dress on, I wouldn't give it to a charity shop if I knew it was likely to get wrecked. That would mean both the charity and women who genuinely wanted a lovely dress would miss out.

People have a variety of different motivations for giving to charity. It seems strange to dismiss some of them as somehow less valid.

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