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To not pay the window cleaner?

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Belini Mon 08-Jul-13 10:21:53

11 weeks ago my window cleaner came to collect money owed from the previous fortnightly clean. I was 50p short. He took the cash I had & said instead of calling back he would add it on to next bill. He didn't come back.
Three weeks ago I got a set of ladders from free cycle & have been cleaning my own windows.
Today window cleaner turned up & cleaned all my windows while I was in the shower. Then posted a card through saying he will collect payment on Thursday.
I aibu to say no I won't be paying you as I expected the service to be regular. As a result of you not showing up for the last 11 weeks I have now decided to clean my own windows

LeoTheLateBloomer Mon 08-Jul-13 10:24:12

Did you actually contact him when he didn't turn up for the next clean? If not YABU. He's not a mind reader so you can't expect him to know you've done it yourself.

EeyoreIsh Mon 08-Jul-13 10:24:39

How often did you agree he would come and clean?

If you didn't tell him in advance that you didn't want his services, and he cleaned the windows, you really need to pay up. And tell him you won't want his services in the future at the same time.

PrettyKitty1986 Mon 08-Jul-13 10:26:17

You clean the outside of your windows every other week?

The insides of mine don't get done nearly that often, never mind the outside!

Belini Mon 08-Jul-13 10:32:09

Two years ago we agreed to a fortnightly clean. He was the window cleaner for the previous tenants. He knocked when I moved in and asked if I'd like to continue using him or arrange my own. I said I would be fine with him continuing. I just felt, as he had missed 4 cleans before I got my own ladders & the one after that, its a bit cheeky to just turn up and expect to pick up where he left off nearly 3 months ago.

LEMisdisappointed Mon 08-Jul-13 10:34:43

When DP and I had a small window cleaning round, we would clean peoples windows once a month, so this guy has only really missed one month - he may have been on holiday (so he should have told you the last time) or he maybe has been ill, can't be helped. I think you would be mean not to pay him, so just pay for this last time and tell him you are now doing your own windows.

Belini Mon 08-Jul-13 10:35:35

Prettykitty we stay near the sea so the salty air makes the windows almost opaque if they aren't cleaned regularly. It's also in my lease that I have the windows cleaned at least monthly, although it doesn't state it has to be professionally.

Jan49 Mon 08-Jul-13 10:49:15

I would pay him for this time but let him know you have made alternative arrangements as he didn't turn up for 11 weeks (so I suppose he missed 4 times) and didn't let you know.

CloudsAndTrees Mon 08-Jul-13 10:53:25

I would pay him for this time but let him know not to come back.

LadyBryan Mon 08-Jul-13 10:56:10

I think you have to pay him this time, given you haven't told him you no longer need his services.

Then when you pay him, tell him you won't need him again.

NatashaBee Mon 08-Jul-13 10:57:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pigsmummy Mon 08-Jul-13 11:47:25

Pay him for this clean and tell him that you don't need his services anymore

Chopstheduck Mon 08-Jul-13 11:49:59

we had a window cleaner like that, drove me nuts. He would come totally out of ht eblue and expect me to have the cash on me to pay him. Pay him this time and tell him to not to bother again.

Nanny0gg Mon 08-Jul-13 11:53:06

I think you should pay him this time ( and the 50p!) and tell him you won't need him any more.

WeaveTheBasket Mon 08-Jul-13 12:26:12


SarahAndFuck Mon 08-Jul-13 13:49:16

I think he must be my window cleaner as well OP.

Ours came once and have missed four months now.

Pay him for the clean this time and tell him you've got your own equipment now so won't be needing him. Or cut him back to once a month and do the other clean yourself, so you are taking fortnightly turns. You might be glad of him taking a turn in the winter.

Is there any chance he didn't turn up for eleven weeks as he'd fallen off his ladder and been in hospital or something?

Belini Mon 08-Jul-13 21:41:36

Ok so unanimous result then. I will pay him this time & tell him I no longer require his services.
So glad I posted, I was really sure I wasn't BU. grin

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