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To not give a friend a wedding present?

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milktraylady Mon 08-Jul-13 07:24:31

Been friends with A for 6 years, meet up every month or so with another friend (let's call her friend B).
A is getting married soon. We have heard all about the wedding plans. B and I were hoping for an invite.

Nope- not getting invited!
Saw her last week, 160 people are going its not a sit down meal, so it's not like there isn't space for 2 more chairs/ the expense of 2 more people.

I'm gutted. I really thought we were friends & wanted to share her special day. B & I both like her OH and are really happy for her.

So- am I being unreasonable to not give her a wedding present? She told us she only wants money as they don't have their own place yet & will be moving quite a bit for a year or two, so they don't want lots of 'stuff'. (Which she could store at her parents big house)

I don't think she understands that wedding presents are supposed to set you up in life, not provide you with cash.

Do I send them a congrats card just? Can't bring myself to ever give money for wedding present, vouchers at the most.

Or do I just not bother to arrange to see her again & let the friendship go? (we've been forgotten about quite a bit since the new man came on the scene)

Come on mumsnet tell me what to do! smile

pigletmania Wed 10-Jul-13 13:21:33

As wedding I quite soon I don't think teir will be an invite. Surely if she did send op an invite and it got lost and sh had not therefore had an answer from op, friend would hav asked op if she was coming and had she got the invite. It is rude of friend talking in detail about te wedding to op and her friend, knowing she has not invited them, how crass!

LucieLucie Wed 10-Jul-13 16:51:06

OP - did your friend buy your new baby a gift? If she did then if I were in your shoes I would buy her a nice bottle of wine and a wedding card. If she didn't then no wedding card & no gift...let that friendship continue to sink.

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