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i am an evil person

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devonshiredumpling Sun 07-Jul-13 21:09:01

am i the only one tonight who have sent their kids to bed with no nightwear on or am i really evil in doing it? they are 3 and 6

Sparklymommy Sun 07-Jul-13 21:11:56

Mine are in pj shorts and no top (apart from dd1 who has a crop top and shorts on). It is far too hot an ds2 is like an overheated radiator in winter so this weather is really not good for him!

usualsuspect Sun 07-Jul-13 21:13:40

Why are you evil?

Surely it's what everyone does when it's hot.

BridgetBidet Sun 07-Jul-13 21:13:58

Em, they might be more comfortable with something on. Is it very hot where you are tonight? Not evil, no. A bit lazy maybe. It won't do them any harm. Have you asked them if they want to wear bedclothes or not? If they happier without then I can't see the harm.

mumof5plusazoo Sun 07-Jul-13 21:15:39

My dd's 8 & 6 have now completely stripped off! My ds's 4 & 3 and dd 1 are just in nappies. They are happy and asleep so I'm happy too.

devonshiredumpling Sun 07-Jul-13 21:16:04

it is still like twenty two degrees here and they were happy.

wonderingsoul Sun 07-Jul-13 21:16:52

both of mine sweat like a really sweaty thing, even in winter.

ds1 just has legging on, ds2 has short and a top. they have to sleep under the duvet but once they are asleep i go and pull it down half way because i think their over heat by morning.

i did have the windos open but the breeze blew our fish tank over que.. manic kids and a fish that i saved in time but now has a scar, hopfully he'll survive the night.

BridgetBidet Sun 07-Jul-13 21:16:52

Why do you say evil though? Are you feeling a bit down or being critical of your own mothering at the moment? I would certainly worry about someone who thought such a thing was 'evil'. I think you need to give yourself a bit of a break, of course it's not anything approaching evil.

usualsuspect Sun 07-Jul-13 21:17:08

It's not lazy, don't be so ridiculous.

IneedAyoniNickname Sun 07-Jul-13 21:17:19

Mine refuse to sleep naked, but they only have short bottoms on. I had to prise ds2s fleece blanket off him,he claims he's cold

pollywollydoodle Sun 07-Jul-13 21:17:55

confused dd is in the buff and i will be's too hot for anything else

why are you evil, did they want nightclothes on and you refused hmm

monkeyfacegrace Sun 07-Jul-13 21:18:47

Mine are naked every night.
Its too bloody hot for clothes.
You bunch of nutters.

NoelHeadbands Sun 07-Jul-13 21:19:17

Fleece onesies would have been evil.

BridgetBidet Sun 07-Jul-13 21:19:20

Devonshiredumpling, it's hot and they were happy so of course you were not even the remotest bit U let alone evil.

The 3 year old is wearing just underpants.

He is going through a phase of wanting to only wear underwear and a tshirt

bittenipples Sun 07-Jul-13 21:21:50

I'm not understanding the evilness of it either.

I need to know why this is evil?

NoelHeadbands Sun 07-Jul-13 21:22:22

I might send DS2 without his school sweatshirt on tomorrow.

I'm such a nasty bastard

usualsuspect Sun 07-Jul-13 21:24:37

Bloody hell,Noel.

That's worthy of a call to SS.

Tweasels Sun 07-Jul-13 21:27:43

Surely making your children go to bed wearing two pairs of fleece pyjamas and a winter coat would be evil.

Naked is just sensible considering the weather.

DD,s gro egg has a sad face so she's just in a nappy.

Towanda Sun 07-Jul-13 21:28:01

Mine are in undies and knickers, too hot for anything else. Definitely not evil.

HaroldLloyd Sun 07-Jul-13 21:28:09

I have to say I was expecting something a touch more outrageous when I opened this thread.

onetwothreefourfive Sun 07-Jul-13 21:28:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IShallCallYouSquishy Sun 07-Jul-13 21:29:35

My 13.5 month old is in just a nappy and then her 1 tog sleeping bag. Her room is 27 and that's with a fan blowing.

LEMisdisappointed Sun 07-Jul-13 21:30:22

well my DD is 7 and she has her primark fleecy pjs on - she is a strange child!

OHforDUCKScake Sun 07-Jul-13 21:32:01

Evil no.

Odd for starting this thread? Yes. hmm

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