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unreasonable to wash armpits in restaurant toilets?

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justsosweatyandsmelly Sun 07-Jul-13 18:24:42

Was very sweaty and hot today when went out for lunch and I noticed I had whiffy body odour from armpits despite showering this morning and deodorant etc so quickly washed my armpits in the toilets and two women came in and said it was disgusting? wibu? I didn't think it was that bad really.

ImTooHecsyForYourParty Sun 07-Jul-13 18:29:02

I think stinking would be more disgusting grin

squoosh Sun 07-Jul-13 18:29:32

Well it is a washroom, people normally wash invisible particles of piss and shit off their hands at the sink, why is it so offensive that you washed your armpits?

peggyblackett Sun 07-Jul-13 18:29:41

Stinking would be far worse!

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Sun 07-Jul-13 18:30:02

I can't see how it's any worse than men holding their penis to urinate then washing their hands in the sink.

LadyBeagleEyes Sun 07-Jul-13 18:30:18

Interesting username Op.
Is that your usual one?

peppapigmustdie Sun 07-Jul-13 18:30:51

I have done this before in a similar situation. Yanbu.

KirjavaTheCat Sun 07-Jul-13 18:31:53

Is this for real? Not the washing the armpits bit I've done it, but what the women said to you? How rude.

It also doesn't make any sense. 'For sure, wipe your fanny but don't you dare get a paper towel and dap at your armpits in this room, thankyouverymuch.'

BadLad Sun 07-Jul-13 18:32:42

Next time wash them in the basins.


KirjavaTheCat Sun 07-Jul-13 18:34:39

BadLad grin

phantomnamechanger Sun 07-Jul-13 18:36:37

more detail needed - was this a full strip wash?

justsosweatyandsmelly Sun 07-Jul-13 18:37:02

of course it isn't my usual one as you knew full well, I namechanged as I was telling my friends about it and didn't want them linking my name to other posts should one of them come on here.

thanks for replying, I just quickly washed the sweaty smell away then rinsed the soap off so not offending anyone! should have said that about wiping particles of shit and piss grin

WorraLiberty Sun 07-Jul-13 18:37:12

Where are all these rude people who walk up to others to say things about really average/normal things, that most people wouldn't bat an eyelid at?

I just never seem to encounter them? confused

Perhaps I've got a fuck off face grin

WandaDoff Sun 07-Jul-13 18:38:57

I'd much rather be seen washing my armpits in public than stink.

LadyBeagleEyes Sun 07-Jul-13 18:39:04

No, Worra, I've never encountered them either.
Until I came on to MN that is wink.

McNewPants2013 Sun 07-Jul-13 18:39:11

Isn't that what what WC are for.

Chivetalking Sun 07-Jul-13 18:40:20

Did you blow dry them under the dryer à la Madge in 'Desperately Seeking Susan' too? grin

justsosweatyandsmelly Sun 07-Jul-13 18:40:52

thanks worra, really helpful post, that.

CharlieUniformNovemberTango Sun 07-Jul-13 18:43:16

Did you forget to mention in your OP that you removed your dress and bra first so they wouldn't get wet?

If not, then no, I don't think it's unreasonable to wash your armpits in the bathroom!

KirjavaTheCat Sun 07-Jul-13 18:43:59

Were you hoping for some handholding, OP? confused

justsosweatyandsmelly Sun 07-Jul-13 18:46:23

not, not hand holding, i'm just stunned anyone would think I'd make such a stupid post up confused unless I misread the tone and the implication is I'm an argumentative bastard who shouts at random women when armpit washing thus goading them into response.

Charlie haha no sleeveless top so a quick wash grin

Letticetheslug Sun 07-Jul-13 18:48:29

of course YANBU, wish more peoplevdid a quick wash!

hugoagogo Sun 07-Jul-13 18:48:34

Damn chive you beat me to it. grin

Fakebook Sun 07-Jul-13 18:52:18

How did you wash your armpits without wetting your front? Why didn't you just wet some tissue and use that? Why weren't you carrying deoderant with you?

TimeofChange Sun 07-Jul-13 18:54:46

Fakebook: do you have deodorant in your handbag?

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