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to think that most ebayers using the term "shabby chic"

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OhDearNigel Sun 07-Jul-13 00:35:41

Should be done under the trades descriptions act ?

we're moving into a much bigger house and therefore I am permanently attached to my ipad on ebay for cheap furniture. There are some truly eye-watering items described as "shabby chic" which can only really be described as "shitty and not at all chic"

OhDearNigel Sun 07-Jul-13 00:37:25

i rest my case

ZadokTheBeast Sun 07-Jul-13 00:40:51

You've been looking at the same stuff as me! Complete shit most of it, just painted in off-white eggshell. That and 'Victorian/Arts & Crafts'. Which?? probably neither.

BOF Sun 07-Jul-13 00:40:52

You are not wrong grin

Devora Sun 07-Jul-13 00:41:27

Oh yes. See also 'vintage', 'retro' and 'mid century'.

Shabby chic basically translates as: old crap painted white. Or even old crap not painted white, as per your example.

recall Sun 07-Jul-13 00:42:05

HA ! £16 ?????? WTF ?????????

OhDearNigel Sun 07-Jul-13 00:44:03

I know ! might watch it just to see if anyone is mug enough to buys it

OhDearNigel Sun 07-Jul-13 00:48:08

another "beautiful" gem

gemdotcom Sun 07-Jul-13 01:11:46

Is it awful of me to want to bid on this!? Haha

BOF Sun 07-Jul-13 01:15:36

Oh my word. Ghastly <channels appropriately retro Blyton>

gemdotcom Sun 07-Jul-13 01:19:48

I like the shape of the chair, not the colour!
Suppose you wouldn't see it when I've slung my wardrobe contents over it grin

Tanith Sun 07-Jul-13 09:16:17

I've never really understood how someone can take a perfectly good furniture item, streak it with watered down paint and call it "Shabby Chic".

It just looks badly painted to me.

ohshitimlate Sun 07-Jul-13 09:18:44

Omg I think my mum used to own that chair

bootsycollins Sun 07-Jul-13 09:22:38

Those chairs come in dusky pink too don't they, you'd need to invest in a pair of fluffy mules and a nylon nightie to complete the retro vibe grin

fossil971 Sun 07-Jul-13 09:24:46

True, but I will write any old crap in a description to get people to buy things. Obviously my items are accurately described but if you can get "vintage shabby chic Annie Sloan Farrow and Ball" all in your title you're onto a winner grin

TheRealFellatio Sun 07-Jul-13 09:26:57

Am LOLing at that foam chairbed. grin

YANBU. I have complained about this very thing myself on MN before.

greenfolder Sun 07-Jul-13 15:15:30

The draylon chair was, I swear in every littlewoods/gratton catalogue throughout my childhood.

ParadiseChick Sun 07-Jul-13 15:20:23

That chair bed brought back happy memories, I used to have one at my grannys house but it was distinctly more 80s in it's pattern!

ariadneoliver Sun 07-Jul-13 16:55:30

I have a partner for the dralon chair here

Wibblypiglikesbananas Sun 07-Jul-13 18:55:11

As a northerner who spent a long time living in London, I was always surprised by the so called 'vintage' markets. Where I grew up, most of the stuff would have been car boot sale fodder!

TeWiSavesTheDay Sun 07-Jul-13 19:02:01

We used to slide down the stairs on one of those chair beds - it was brilliant!

Not particularly chic though.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sun 07-Jul-13 19:06:58

My mum has that draylon chair in dusky pink, think it's early to mid-sixties.

HootShoot Sun 07-Jul-13 19:09:00

I know what you mean. I'm on the look out for a new dining room table and EVERYTHING has painted farrow and ball legs and is shabby chic. Snore.

MalcolmTuckersMum Sun 07-Jul-13 19:13:03

I'm shock at that foam bed and sitting on my hands not to message the seller to ask what fucking planet she's on where that is even close to 'shabby chic' - an overused and overrated concept at the best of times!

HootShoot Sun 07-Jul-13 19:17:38

Have you seen the name of the foam bed seller? Presumably everything they sell is shabby chic grin

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