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to complain to shop about ice cream cone??

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Gingerandcocoa Sat 06-Jul-13 10:06:07

I went to a local ice cream shop yesterday, and really wanted my ice cream in a cone. I noted, however, that the serving staff were using their bare hands to pick up the cone, right after handling money - as i've seen sooo many times in the UK and europe.

I think it's absolutely disgusting, and whilst I have in the past politely asked if they could use a napkin to pick up mine (I apologised and said I was really fussy), this time I didn't want to upset anyone, just had mine in a cup, but then proceeded to write to the shop complaining.

I really don't think I am BU, but maybe I am? I don't understand why others don't complain??? Who can even guarantee that the staff wash their hands after using the loo???

Branleuse Sun 07-Jul-13 17:12:58


mumofapirate Sun 07-Jul-13 17:18:41

I wouldn't complain personally as I don't have freshly washed hands myself so it'd be a bit daft. So yes yabu imo.

Tee2072 Sun 07-Jul-13 17:45:48

Chuff when they first started doing that our favourite Chinese got a 0/5.

Not our favourite any more!

RockChicken1 Sun 07-Jul-13 19:10:39

Speaking as a microbiologist this is honestly not something you need to worry about. Yes coins are dirty but they don't provide very good environments for bacteria to grow. You would need a sufficient number of bacterial cells to transfer from the coins, to the ice cream man's hands, to the cone and then to your body. And for the bacteria to be pathogenic, most species are harmless.

Didactylos Sun 07-Jul-13 19:19:59

but this is what you have stomach acid for!

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