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To be feeling really lazy and useless

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Lj8893 Fri 05-Jul-13 18:16:00

Hi all,

I'm 24 weeks pregnant and am constantly shattered.

My partner works in the region of 40 hours a week and I work 37.5. Our housekeeping arrangements have naturally fallen to him doing all the cooking and the shopping. I then do the majority of the housework, minus the odd wash or washing up dp does. This has always worked well for us (my standards are slightly higher than his so works well me doing the housework!!)

Since being pregnant, or since about 18 weeks my job is taking all my energy (we are really short staffed and so I feel like I am doing the job of 2 or 3 people) and I literally come home from work and crash, and my days off are spent catching up on sleep or just building back my energy up.

Which has left all the housework to dp, who has been doing it on his days off. He hasent moaned about it, and does understand why I'm not doing it.

But I just feel really really lazy and useless when I come home and he's done it all. I have said this to him and he tells me not to be silly but I can't help feeling it.

I start maternity leave in 5 weeks (thank god) and just keep thinking that I will be able to do the housework again and even chip in with the cooking to make it up to dp so that's what's keeping me going at the moment.

HoppinMad Fri 05-Jul-13 19:54:32

Yanbu as you cant help how you are feeling, and it must be hard unable to do what you have always done as a team, but you are comparing yourself to how you were pre-pregnancy. Its impossible at 6 months pregnant to have the same levels of energy and enthusiasm to housework after a long difficult day in a demanding job. Its ok to let him get on with it, stop feeling guilty and enjoy the evening rest.

Fwiw I have been feeling useless and lazy all day and I am not even pregnant! hmm Its this hot weather I think.

iamadoozermum Fri 05-Jul-13 19:59:18

DH took over the shopping and cooking when I was first pregnant because cooking smells made me sick. 7.5 years later, he's still doing practically all the cooking and shopping!

Enjoy it, you're pregnant, don't have as much energy as pre-pregnancy and I bet DP feels that he is able to make a contribution to the pregnancy (other than the one at the beginning!) by letting you rest.

Purplecatti Fri 05-Jul-13 21:49:43

Yanbu. Carrying a teeny hitch hiker inside you is tiring.
And it's good practice for him for when lo is born.

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