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AIBU to not want my MIL to give my daughter an ice-cream everytime she picks her up after school?

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Millietj Fri 05-Jul-13 10:34:44

My MIL picks my daughter up from school on average twice a week - gives her sweets in the car home, then a biscuit and milk and then an ice-cream (not a little mini milk - yesterday she had a whole 99 cone - she's only five! On Monday it was a Magnum - not a full size one but still I'd struggle to eat a full one!) I pick her up at 5pm, take her home and we have dinner. Daughter has school dinners and they always have puddings.. So that's two puddings at least twice a week. I always let her have a treat after dinner - perhaps 5 smarties or something reasonable and tummy-size appropriate (sorry I know that sounds knobbish! but you know what I mean). My husband feels the same about this. We're not nazis at all about food and treats - she's very lucky with treats but surely all this ice-cream/biscuits/sweets before her dinner can't be nutritionally good for her???

I know grandparents are allowed to spoil children and if it was a one-off thing then we'd absolutely turn a blind eye and even appreciate the spoiling but it's a regular occurence.

Should we say something or are we being overly sensitive about it? I just want her to have as healthy a lifestyle as possible..

Would appreciate any thoughts just in case H and I are wrong about this.


Drhamsterstortoise Sat 06-Jul-13 14:45:46

I was in Switzerland a few years ago and noticed that all the families with young kids in the park had picnics with lovely healthy snacks and lots of fresh fruit.We all noticed how few overweight people there were.Noticed the same in Australia.When I take mine to the beach or park here I see a lot of sugary drinks and crisps and sweets.There's just no need.

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