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To pack in my uni course?? [hmm]

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HongkongDreamer Wed 03-Jul-13 13:20:26

Im about to go into my 3rd year at uni out of a 4 year course that ive felt up and down about through out. I cant see me being able to stick it out another 2 years even though it will give me loads of opportunities at the end. At the end of the 4 years i'll just end up with a degree that i have no interest in making a career out of. However i do know what i want to do instead but the uni application deadline for this year has already passed which means i wouldnt start another degree course till aug 2014, which would be the last year of this course. I know i should really just stick out the 2 years and complete it then do a post grad in the area i want to work but i absolutely hate the course im doing just now.

Latara Wed 03-Jul-13 16:02:07

There is no point carrying on with a nursing degree if you hate nursing because clinical practice counts as so much of it.

SalaciousBCrumb Wed 03-Jul-13 16:02:42

ilovechips I think Blackmini means in the pharma industry, not as a pharmacist. Pharmaceutical company trials and so on.

Latara Wed 03-Jul-13 16:03:04

Could you swap to a 3 yr Advanced Dip course?

FaintlyHopeful Wed 03-Jul-13 16:03:18

Does Blackmini mean the pharmaceutical industry? If so, it is good money but you are expected to do evening meetings and conferences that run over weekends. You also need a hide like a rhino.

Latara Wed 03-Jul-13 16:04:08

Sorry missed the part about you wanting a degree.

FutTheShuckUp Wed 03-Jul-13 16:07:04

So you are in your third year and its took until now to realise it isnt a 9-5 job and you don't like it? This annoys me tbh as the majority of nursing courses are funded by the NHS and cost the taxpayer approx 53k to train a student nurse.

ilovechips Wed 03-Jul-13 16:07:39

Ah ok fair enough - I thought you needed some post qualifying experience for that, but will stand corrected, isn't an area I've ever seriously looked into.

HongkongDreamer Wed 03-Jul-13 16:16:44

Its funded by saas, and its paid because of the hours I work. Not getting it for nothing

Itchywoolyjumper Wed 03-Jul-13 16:17:08

Please don't leave nursing. In my experience it takes a while to find your niche but once you do its an amazingly rewarding career.
What's made you feel like this? Have you spoke to your personal teacher? Are they supporting you?
The pre reg years are some of the hardest you'll ever do as a nurse. You've done well to get this far, would it be worth sticking at it, even if its just so that you can pay your way through the teaching course by doing (potentially very lucrative) bank or agency work?

HongkongDreamer Wed 03-Jul-13 16:17:13

No matter what I did at uni it would get funded, live in scotland

ilovechips Wed 03-Jul-13 16:17:15

I'm not suggesting this is you OP - but some people are very attracted to doing a nursing degree because the NHS pays the tuition fees and you get a bursary. However they don't realise it's not like a normal degree - no long holidays for example it's a 46 week a year course - and at least 18 months of the 3 years are spent on the wards doing the most menial jobs going at all hours of the day and night. This generally tends to put people with dubious motives off before the end of the course tbh.

HongkongDreamer Wed 03-Jul-13 16:18:32

I know, I dont know what im going to do. Just know I want to leave the course as soon as I can

FutTheShuckUp Wed 03-Jul-13 16:19:45

It doesn't really matter who funds it ffs what a waste of taxpayers money. I wish people would think about what they actually want to do before starting umpteen different courses and not seeing them through

Eyesunderarock Wed 03-Jul-13 16:24:07

Not another one seeing Primary teaching as a soft default option. <sigh>
By all means quit sfter your third year when you have a degree and can decide what to do with the next step in your life, but FFS don't think of primary teaching as a fallback 9-5. If you haven't coped with nursing, why go into another high-pressure, high-stress job prospect you haven't got a clue about?
Take some time to think and make a better choice.

Itchywoolyjumper Wed 03-Jul-13 16:24:24

Fut have you been on a nursing course? Feeling that you can't do it and being overwhelmed to the point of wanting to leave are really not all that uncommon, even the most dedicated students feel like this sometimes.
What really makes the difference between staying on or leaving is the support offered to you by your peers and the uni.

OneLittleToddleTerror Wed 03-Jul-13 16:24:47

I can't believe you haven't figured out it's not a 9-5 job either. Neither is teaching. They work lots of nights for things like parents evening, marking. There are a lot of 9-5 professional jobs, but these two aren't it.

quertas Wed 03-Jul-13 16:29:31

OP take some time, talk to your tutor, and the uni careers service as well. Please dont make the mistake of thinking places on PG teaching courses aren't competitive. With an ordinary degree and no speciality to offer you may struggle to find a place. Not tombe a doomsayer, but this is a key moment for you either way. Be sure of what you want and what your alternatives are.

HongkongDreamer Wed 03-Jul-13 16:30:02

Havent figured out its not 9 to 5? Ive been doing it for 2 years. And its abit different in the type of work.thats involved to teaching, both r stressful but one is something that I want to do and the other is wearing me down. Im 19, sure most of u's r in diffrent jobs now than u were at my age

megsmouse Wed 03-Jul-13 16:31:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ilovechips Wed 03-Jul-13 16:35:15

When I was 19 I was working as a support worker on a coronary care ward. I'm now 40 and a senior nurse in a sexual health clinic. So different but not really, same field. I tried leaving healthcare at 23, felt worn down too, but after 3 months working in an accounting office I couldn't wait to get back to it.

If you know it's not for you 100% then leave.

ilovechips Wed 03-Jul-13 16:39:53

(Or should say I was - just left to have a baby but will be back one day lol)

HongkongDreamer Wed 03-Jul-13 16:41:28

Yeah thats true and to whoever said ive wasted taxpayers money is it not better that I work 48 hours a week and juggle that, a job, exams and everything else than sitting living off benefits? Im not saying I want to drop out and do nothing, im saying I want to do something else because its geti.g to much for me

Itchywoolyjumper Wed 03-Jul-13 16:42:31

OP, I think some posters are being a bit harsh. I've been where you are now and if I'd given up nursing at that point I wouldn't be as happy or fulfilled as I am now. I really love nursing grin However, its is horses for courses and if its not for you it could be a long miserable trot til pension time.
I never really took to ward work, I loved the patients but I was worn down by the paperwork and never felt I had enough time to make a difference. Thankfully there's a lot more to nursing than that.
Would it help to think about what kind of thing you want to do and what you really don't want to do and seeing if there is an area of nursing that would suit you.
I got through my wobbly moment because I had some really good support, you'd be more than welcome to PM me if you feel that's the situation you're in.

TheFallenNinja Wed 03-Jul-13 16:44:21

It depends on how well you can answer the interview question "why didn't you complete your degree?"

Eyesunderarock Wed 03-Jul-13 16:47:09

You are 19, lots and lots of time to think and make a better choice.

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