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Regarding celebs I wouldn't kick out of bed?

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MakeItUpAsYouGoAlong Wed 03-Jul-13 12:40:09

I'm 23 and my main spotlight men crushes are: Larry Lamb and John Nettles.
did like Paul Hollywood but had a word with myself

Now I'm sat here thinking that. I wouldn't kick Gino DeCampo out of bed?!
AIBU? smile

BarnYardCow Sat 06-Jul-13 21:08:11

Dave Grohl, you are all mine!

Finola1step Sat 06-Jul-13 21:11:08

Jack Dee. I'd love to give him a good old cheering up.

SoftKittyWarmKitty Sat 06-Jul-13 21:13:49

James Blunt. He's lovely. And talented. And lovely. One day I'll be his wife.

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHopeful Sat 06-Jul-13 21:19:57

Idris Elba
Sean Bean
Johnny Depp (can't believe no one has mentioned Johnny yet).

softkitty James Blunt are you mad?

trackies Sat 06-Jul-13 21:22:57

George clooney and Brad pitt esp. in oceans 11,
Bradley cooper,
Robert downey jr,
Rob lowe,
Joshua Jackson,
Chris Pine

trackies Sat 06-Jul-13 21:27:05

OMG WhenSheWasBadSheWasHopeful yes Johnny Depp !
and Paul Walker

DH thinks Sean Bean is gorg and if he ever was to be turned gay then it would be Sean. I can't really see it myself.

CombineBananaFister Sat 06-Jul-13 21:35:47

Ohh noo channing tatum - my sil would agree but seriously (to look at maybe) but you'd get splinters - he's wooden in everything. DiD SOMEONE SAY TH MENTAL HORSES FELLOW!! [SHOCK]
Realise my choices may be just as offensive - feel free to slate.
Want to add Nick off new girl and Henry Dean Morgan

CombineBananaFister Sat 06-Jul-13 21:36:37

blush shock doesn't work with capital letters apparently

DumSpiroSpero Sat 06-Jul-13 21:36:40

Oh goody! Looks like Richard Armitage is still available grin.

About time I came up with some back up options though...

DumSpiroSpero Sat 06-Jul-13 21:38:12

Actually I'd do most of the male cast of Bones, and the lead blokes in Arrow & Grimm.

monicalewinski Sat 06-Jul-13 21:39:17

Chris Pine
Johnny Depp (only as Jack Sparrow)
Robert Downey jr
Zac Effron (he's so dreamy!)
David Tennant (only as Dr Who)
Colin Farrel
Gerard Butler
Ryan Reynlods

There's more, but they're my faves!!

HarleyQuinn Sat 06-Jul-13 22:04:59

Karl Urban
Paul Rudd
Robert Downey Jr

monkeymamma Sat 06-Jul-13 22:35:35

Russell Crowe (as Robin Hood)
Aleksander Skaarsgard off of True Blood (wouldnt say no to Alcide either)
Alfie Allan. Erm, this has gone a bit embarrassing...
Jon Snow off of Game of thrones (not the newsreader!)

Finola1step Sat 06-Jul-13 23:32:59

Agreed on Paul Rudd and Robert Downey Jr.

But I have a really odd one... Micky Flanagan! I have no idea why.

OhDearNigel Sat 06-Jul-13 23:36:29

gonnabmummy, that's him [drools]

thebody Sat 06-Jul-13 23:40:31

David Beckham and Sean Bean sandwich. Me the meat.

cheeseandbiscuitsplease Sat 06-Jul-13 23:43:28

Robert Downey Jnr.
I've loved him for 15 years.
He shalt be mine......
Oh god.
The things I would do.........

emdottyjackson Sat 06-Jul-13 23:51:18

Michael Fassbender otherwise known as fitty mcfitfit grin

ClartyCarol Sun 07-Jul-13 00:10:20

Ooh Clive Owen is on the tv right now but I prefer him with his old teeth.

Gonnabmummy Sun 07-Jul-13 00:15:31

ohdearnigel oh nooo sorry ladies but yak!

theweekendisnear Sun 07-Jul-13 00:22:38

Rajesh Ramayan "Raj" Koothrappali
Brian Cox

Darkesteyes Sun 07-Jul-13 00:29:23

Samuel West.... because he is caring and compassionate and stands up for what he believes in. I never go just for looks alone.

And after his stance on Secrets of the Workhouse Brian Cox (the actor) for similar reasons.

ClartyCarol Sun 07-Jul-13 00:33:04

John Cusack is my dp and I get to have sex with him every night.

theweekendisnear Sun 07-Jul-13 00:33:09

my Brian Cox is the physicist

iamadoozermum Sun 07-Jul-13 08:17:51

Can we include people who are now dead? Obviously not because they are dead, not really into that but if Jeremy Brett was still alive - mmmm. Saw him on stage once <drools looking dreamily into the past>.

Otherwise another for Benedict Cumberbatch & Robert Downey Jnr (seeing a Sherlock theme so far).

Also David Tennant, Christopher Eccleston & Matt Smith

Finally, Mr Depp would also be more than welcome as would Matt Goss grin

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