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To complain about their garden?

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opalescent Wed 03-Jul-13 09:12:14

I have recently bought a new build house on a lovely estate. Next door are housing association maisonettes. I know this because it was on the plans that we were shown prior to purchasing.
The maisonettes are occupied, but the front garden is already ridiculously overgrown with 3ft high weeds. It looks really awful.
Am I being precious to consider contacting the HA to complain? Or should I knock on the door and mention it to the people who live there (scary, amd unlikely that I would be brave enough to do this!).
Or should I just get over it and accept there there are worse things in life than this dilemma?
Would the housing association actually care?
Note: I am not a hyacinth bucket type, who is pretentious and curtain-twitching.
It's just that its my first real home, I'm paying a lot to live here, and I want it to look half decent sad

Eve Wed 03-Jul-13 18:09:43

Contact housing association, I live on a new estate with some ha flats at the entrance that are knee high in weeds.

I sent an email to them saying no wonder ha has such a bad reputation with the garden is allowed to be in that condition.

Had a lovely phone call from them apologising, the grounds maintenance people weren't told the correct address and didn't know about it.

2 days later it was sorted.

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