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to feel uncomfortable about OH hanging out with his younger mates...

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Khaleasy Sun 30-Jun-13 21:34:37

Genuine advice wanted!

OH (26) has recently starting seeing a lot more of his old group of mates. They are all a few years younger than him but act like rowdy teenagers (think taking pictures of themselves on the toilets at night clubs, flashing at strangers etc).
OH and I have lived together for the last 3 years and before that he was dating another girl for 3 years, they broke up because she cheated.
Ex-GF is always at these outings, she is loud, self-centred and very "it's all about me" so is nearly always centre-stage. She spent a lot of time trying to steal OH back from me (emails, calls at home and at work, stalking. OH ended up having to change his number, she threatened to come to our house etc).

I don't really like the group, have hung out with them once or twice a few years ago but its not really my scene. They live a good hour away and OH will go out of his way to see them, often at the detriment of seeing me.

(OH is very kind, loving and supportive when I do see him though).

I have a feeling that IAMBU for would like some tips to stop myself getting so internally wound up about it. Everytime I think of it, I get a horrible feeling.

garlicnutty Mon 01-Jul-13 21:10:46

Well, if you were my niece or something, I'd advise you to suck it up and start using some of the time he's out on the lash for your own pursuits. How much art have you been making lately? Are you attending any classes, have you joined a co-operative? How much time do you spend interacting with fellow artists and their work?

Get going on your art, and get going on the water sports too. Consciously develop input that engages, fascinates and makes you feel fully You.

I'd also have another long talk with him about the lunatic ex, but apart from that just bowl along your own way. See whether you grow closer or further apart.

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