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Think DH has totally over reacted

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cookiemonster100 Sun 30-Jun-13 17:52:30

This is pretty minor in the scheme of things however just wondered what you guys think.

Have been out all day enjoying the sunshine & I am driving back. Few mins from the house I mention I am desperate for a wee, & hubby also says he needs to go. Larking around we keep trying to state who has more reason to go first ( we have on bathroom).

So as we pull in I jump out of the car & race in while he is unloading the boot, & I run upstairs to nip in first. Whilst in the bathroom I hear the door close but it has swung shut before hubby gets in. He starts knocking on the door. I am shouting I will come down in a minute but he properly starts slamming the door. Once I am finished in the bathroom (2 mins top - it really was a wee!!) I run down & open the door. He starts shouting at me & completely over reacting. His argument is i should not have locked him out & he is totally humiliated as people were walking past while he had aload of stuff to unload ( i really don't think they care that much). I apologised for not propping the door open but he keeps going on. So I choose to ignore him & go & sit in the garden.
He can't understand know why I am in a mood with him. He has upset a really lovely day know all for something that was a minor accident.
I personally think he needs to grow up - what do you think?

AmberLeaf Sun 30-Jun-13 21:15:17

You can see why he thought it wasn't accidental though can't you?

cookiemonster100 Sun 30-Jun-13 21:31:06

Thanks wonderingsoul we both do like a giggle & yes all sorted now. It's one of this arguments over a complete mis communication. Nor do I think either of us are childish - we like to have a laugh. Surprisingly as a couple we also have the occasional argument shock
I have never done nor will I do intentional lock someone out of their own home. It was an accident. He did not leave the house with his keys as the house keys were with the car keys ( which I had as I was driving).

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