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to have only just realised that the logo...

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postmanpatscat Sun 30-Jun-13 11:40:40

for BlackBerry is actually two overlapping Bs and not the cluster of dots I've assumed it to be for the past five years of BlackBerry ownership?!

What blindingly obvious things have you failed to notice?

mrsjay Sun 30-Jun-13 12:47:39

. Used to be called Chinese gooseberries apparently.

is chinese goosberries not those little orange things you get at the side of ice creams or cake in restaurants ?

daisychain01 Sun 30-Jun-13 12:47:48

Oooerr that's clever! The blackberry Logo is 2 x B's!! Its a Capital B and a small b. plus its a blackberry fruit

Whoever designed that is awesome.

Best sketch ever is The one Ronnie With Corbett and Harry Enfield as the shopkeeper - wont spoli it incase you want to youtube it but his blackberry was frozen smile ..... memories of the 2 Ronnies sketch all about O's (hoes) 4 candles (fork 'andles) and bull' ooks (I'll leave that to your imagination)

daisychain01 Sun 30-Jun-13 12:48:31

Just looked it up on my DHs Blackberry Playbook cover!

mrsjay Sun 30-Jun-13 12:48:55

Does nobody watch QI?!

that is where i got my NIle Knowledge in fact most of my general knowlege comes from QI grin

ShellyBoobs Sun 30-Jun-13 12:54:37

Is it not 4 B's?

DowntonTrout Sun 30-Jun-13 12:58:01

I luffs QI!

nitrox Sun 30-Jun-13 12:59:38

I found this picture that explains the Blackberry logo.

nitrox Sun 30-Jun-13 13:00:09

Meglet Sun 30-Jun-13 13:04:04

They have pineapples growing on bushes at the Eden Project. When I walked past I was 'WTAF'?

cocolepew Sun 30-Jun-13 13:12:11

I never realised that about a fortnight either hmm
Proper loling at a kiwi birds being the same size as the fruit

Awizardsstaffhasaknobontheend Sun 30-Jun-13 13:23:06

Baked beans are cooked in the can.... Not a huge vat stirred by chefs!

jellybrain Sun 30-Jun-13 13:27:25

Downton did you attend a speed awareness course this week? Just I learnt exactly the same thing about dual carriage ways at one on Tuesday grin

HopeForTheBest Sun 30-Jun-13 13:35:51

Why are there 4 Bs in the BlackBerry logo? That doesn't make sense.

squoosh Sun 30-Jun-13 13:36:46

God I would never have noticed that about the Blackberry logo. It's like one of those pictures of dots you're supposed to stare at until you see Jesus standing on a dolphin or something. Never worked for me.

And as for pineapples - MIND BLOWN!

lachrymavitis Sun 30-Jun-13 13:38:15

After having three children, all of whom are now out of babygrows, I have finally discovered that the envelope neckline means you can remove them by pulling them down rather than over their heads.

My babies all had very pooey heads...

terrible mother.

Thanks to another MN thread

furbaby Sun 30-Jun-13 13:42:29

Did, nt realize blackberry logo either .
Until I was about 20 I thought that moles were the same size as badgers smile
I blame wind in the willows !
Lucky they are a lot smaller as we have a mole living in the garden and he makes enough mess even though he, s small .

furbaby Sun 30-Jun-13 13:43:22

smile at pooey head ....

motherofsnortpigs Sun 30-Jun-13 13:45:46

Ha ha. I too have subjected my children to a good smearing when removing their soiled vests.

'p's and q's' is short for pleases and thank yous. I never knew, although it was blindingly obvious to my 5yo.

Elderflowergranita Sun 30-Jun-13 13:46:18

Mrsjay, you are thinking of cape gooseberries or physallis.

mrsjay Sun 30-Jun-13 13:47:29

Mrsjay, you are thinking of cape gooseberries or physallis.

ah ok am I blush

PoppyAmex Sun 30-Jun-13 13:53:14

DH also thought pineapples and... watermelons grew on trees.

I'm from a country that's a big producer of both and it always amused me to imagine being hit by a pineapple or a watermelon dropped from a tree. It would kill you! grin

mrsjay Sun 30-Jun-13 13:55:07

OH i knew water melons grew in the ground

elQuintoConyo Sun 30-Jun-13 13:55:13

I knew about pineapples - shocked at how something so simple is so unknown, are the government hiding things?
DH only realised recently that ironing boards are so-shaped as to ease the ironing of shirts! Doh!

squoosh Sun 30-Jun-13 14:08:35

furbaby me too!

I always thought moles were huge big chaps, saw a picture of one recently and they are teeny! I blame Wind in the Willows, Moley was quite big in that.

SilverOldie Sun 30-Jun-13 14:35:28

I still call chinese gooseberries (kiwi fruits) chinese gooseberries. That's what they were called when I first tried one.

Re pineapples, as long as the middle leaves haven't been removed (which some shops do to make them last longer), you cut the leaves off with about an inch of the fruit. Then dry it for a few days. You can then plant it and it will grow new leaves; not sure how long you would have to wait for a fruit to appear. Check this link out if you want to try it

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