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Does your massage therapist hug you?

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SnoopyLovesYou Sat 29-Jun-13 21:35:34

After treatments, my massage therapist gives me a nice hug. Part of his service or inappropriate?


If I was in his girlfriend's shoes and knew he was giving hugs to clients I would probably not be very happy!

MalcolmTuckersMum Sat 29-Jun-13 21:37:02

I wonder how many people actually have such a thing as a "massage therapist"?

Sounds just a teensy bit wanky to me.

Mine does, but she's my stepmum!
Sorry, not helpful... It does sound inappropriate though.

HollyBerryBush Sat 29-Jun-13 21:38:00

I don't have massages, neither do I need a therapist. hug me and I'll probably kick your shins.

does that help?

Well aren't you a charmer Malcolm hmm

pompeii Sat 29-Jun-13 21:38:17

Does he let you get dressed again first?

YoniBottsBumgina Sat 29-Jun-13 21:38:42

My mum doesn't do massage but a different kind of touchy-feely "woo" therapy and she occasionally hugs her clients if they've been upset or something like that.

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Sat 29-Jun-13 21:39:43

If you're thinking "hang on a mo...." then it is NOT appropriate. That's what instincts are for.

ChaChaDigregorio Sat 29-Jun-13 21:39:44

Sounds a teensy bit envious Malcolm ?

TattyDevine Sat 29-Jun-13 21:40:57

Mine used to give me a half hug (bearing in mind I was lying down on a bench) and a kiss on the forehead, and tell me I was beautiful and a goddess!

I no complain.

fuckwittery Sat 29-Jun-13 21:41:00

I never feel v comfortable with a man giving me a massage and even more so if I was given a hug afterwards! If it makes you feel uncomfortable, it is inappropriate, so I would change therapist or inform him it makes you uncomfortable

TattyDevine Sat 29-Jun-13 21:41:28

(Married female, btw, for what its worth)

SnoopyLovesYou Sat 29-Jun-13 21:41:31

Yoni haha 'woo' therapy!!

I only called him that because I didn't want to call him a masseur!

HandsomeEddy Sat 29-Jun-13 21:41:39

I'm with Neo. You obviously aren't happy about it or you wouldn't be thinking about it, so I'd say something or find someone else.

MammaTJ Sat 29-Jun-13 21:41:42


People do things in their lives in a different way to the way you do, that does not make them right or you wrong. Being nasty needlessly on here does make you wrong though.

OP, I don't think this is quite right. It obviously felt wrong for you to question it too!!

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 29-Jun-13 21:41:51

Is it a yoni massage? Is he called Brian?

SnoopyLovesYou Sat 29-Jun-13 21:44:31

Its when I'm fully dressed at the end. If he were your boyfriend, would that not annoy you?
To be honest, I love the hugs! Maybe he's just being nice.
Unprofessional or ok?

SnoopyLovesYou Sat 29-Jun-13 21:46:21

It's not yoni and not called Brian

Well that's good to know that others have experienced this kind of 'added bonus'

ChaChaDigregorio Sat 29-Jun-13 21:46:38

Is he called Phil?

SnoopyLovesYou Sat 29-Jun-13 21:47:33

If this guy kissed me on the forehead and called me a goddess, he would need to call in someone to resuscitate me.

SnoopyLovesYou Sat 29-Jun-13 21:48:03

No not called Phil.

ChaChaDigregorio Sat 29-Jun-13 21:49:20

Mine's Phil. Always gives me a hug, cos he's nice!

SnoopyLovesYou Sat 29-Jun-13 21:51:57

Yeah he always gives me a hug now. Maybe just feels a bit wrong because I fancy him (and I did mention the girlfriend already.)

Should I change therapists for that reason?

squoosh Sat 29-Jun-13 21:54:54

I've never been hugged by a masseuse. If it feels a but pervy then it's wrong, if it's just part of their hippy love type vibe well then it's fine.

If you don't like it tell him you'd prefer a nice British handshake grin

NewAtThisMalarky Sat 29-Jun-13 21:56:26

I'm a massage therapist. I have some clients that I hug - but only if they have instigated it. I wouldn't do it as standard.

what is 'wanky' about having a massage therapist Malcolm? I help people with their muscular aches and pains, reduce the symptoms ofchronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and ms, people report that they sleep better and suffer fewer migraines. Is that 'wanky'?

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