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AIBU to want a swimsuit that hides my bikini line??

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SnoopyLovesYou Fri 28-Jun-13 14:38:30

Hi gals!
Right I need to go shopping for a sexy (halter neck) swimsuit and was wondering if you have any suggestions please? 'Short' style bum options? Or just very low leg?
I need it to cover my bikini line please. I don't want to have to wax or shave down there all the time. It's for taking kids to the pool and I want to be able to just grab and go!
Thanks laydeez.

SnoopyLovesYou Fri 28-Jun-13 14:39:29

Oh it doesn't have to be halter neck by the way. Ideally it will have some support for the chest to avoid swimsuit flat chest ;-)

soverylucky Fri 28-Jun-13 14:43:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

readyforno2 Fri 28-Jun-13 14:45:25

What about a swimdress? I got one from primark was around £12, kinda racer back. It's got removable pads in the bust and is supposed to flatten your tummy too

hemel07 Fri 28-Jun-13 14:46:11

I have a boy leg one from boden

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 28-Jun-13 14:46:25

Like this kind of thing?

I have a pair of shorts similar to these that I wear over my swimsuit when I haven't been bothered had time for a tidy up smile

mrsjay Fri 28-Jun-13 14:47:10

Debenhams sell those short and tankini tops one of my dds bought 1 the shorts dont ride up apparently

MalcolmTuckersMum Fri 28-Jun-13 14:47:40

Are you being unreasonable about what exactly?

MalcolmTuckersMum Fri 28-Jun-13 14:48:13

Gals? Laydeez?


Boosterseat Fri 28-Jun-13 15:00:11

i bought this

DH says i look amazing and I feel pretty bloody good it in myself.

VigourMortis Fri 28-Jun-13 15:07:13

Darn you boosterseat, that's lovely

Piffpaffpoff Fri 28-Jun-13 15:12:59

I've got this which does the job. Not the most glamourous thing, I grant you, but I also do lane swimming myself occasionally so wanted a 'proper' cossie IYSWIM.

specialsubject Fri 28-Jun-13 15:13:12

Love the blurb which is right out of the fifties; 'wear with strappy sandals and bangles'.

perish the thought you would get in the water and move around!

Eliza22 Fri 28-Jun-13 15:17:49

BoosterSeat I saw that one. Love it. But I'm a 14-16 . D'ya think I could get away with it? smile

Boosterseat Fri 28-Jun-13 15:21:33

Im a size 10 after a long hard slog but i am 5"2 with a seriously squishy mum tum.

I had something similar after I had DS when i was a size 14 and the runching really helps slim down the tummy.

Go for it Eliza they do free returns so its worth a shot.

mirai Fri 28-Jun-13 15:22:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GinotPrigio Fri 28-Jun-13 15:57:36

I have this from Debenhams. It comes with halterneck straps. Have had several women at the pool ask me where I got it in the last couple of weeks alone. Its great for covering up the bikini line!

SnoopyLovesYou Fri 28-Jun-13 15:59:00

Mrs Terry wow! Do you know anywhere in Uk for this kinda thing? Especially one in a UK shop I can try it on in?

Feminine Fri 28-Jun-13 16:09:50

Oh what a funny thread.

op being told she is in the wrong spot...and carrying on regardless!

Go laydee! grin

SnoopyLovesYou Fri 28-Jun-13 16:10:56

Eliza I think this swimsuit is made for a sexy curvy woman. Go for it.

Thanks Boosterseat I think Im gonna go right ahead and buy one too!

I'm a 12/14 dress size. prob closer to a 12 but maybe large 12? i'm very long in the body as over 5'11. which size should I go for?

Heartbrokenmum73 Fri 28-Jun-13 16:12:33

Why do you need a sexy swimsuit to take your kids to the pool? confused

SnoopyLovesYou Fri 28-Jun-13 16:18:22

Why would I buy an ugly one Heartbroken mum?

Heartbrokenmum73 Fri 28-Jun-13 16:22:35

Sexy just seems an odd choice for taking the kids swimming. Pretty, I could understand. Just me then...

nellyjelly Fri 28-Jun-13 16:23:13

FGS move it to Style and Beauty MN. Lots of people are getting upset it seems!

I personally do't mond and I love that green swimsuit. It is lovely.

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