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To email the Head about last-day-of-term-itis?

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Every term, ds3 tries to persuade us to let him skive the last day - especially the last day of the summer term - and we had the joy of that discussion again last night apparently he is not bright enough to realise that the answer is going to be the same, each flaming term.

Apparently no-one, literally no-one goes in on the last day. On closer questioning it turns out that none of his friends will be there, and only about 40% of the pupils will bother to turn out. This horrifies me - I am the child of two teachers, and I had to go to school unless I was at death's door, and even then I got the Beady Eye from mum.

According to ds3, the school don't really care about this - the teachers were saying things yesterday like, 'Those of you who come in tomorrow will see X video', and no-one will bother with the register or chasing up the truants - so why should we get our knickers in such a twist about it??

I am tempted to email the Headmaster, and ask him a few questions - like how many pupils do actually attend school on the last day - is it as low as 40%, as ds3 reports. Is the register taken, and what is done to chase up the truants? Do the teachers tacitly condone the last day skive, by the sort of remark ds3 reported to me?

I am pretty sure ds3 will be furious if I do this - and I can see that it might drop him in it both with the school and with his friends - but should I let that stop me? Or is it a non-issue, given that they did bugger-all yesterday and will be doing a similar amount of bugger-all today?

I do realise that it is possible that ds3 is exaggerating wildly about the level of skiving and the level of acceptance, in order to persuade me to let him join the skive.


StuntGirl Thu 27-Jun-13 13:26:18

Oh for goodness sake. School isn't optional, even if it's the last day. Let him have a face on.

At my last place of work there was precious little I was allowed or able to do during my last week or so of work, I still went and I still did my job. I laid the bloody groundwork for some other bugger to come after me and get the commission, but whatever, I had to do it so I did. Sure, I could have just skived off all week and had a weeks jolly, but I didn't.

I'm sure he'll live grin

I have probably blighted his life forever, haven't I StuntGirl?

<< tries for Face of Shame >>

<< fails >>

MidniteScribbler Thu 27-Jun-13 15:12:36

Reports are given out on last day of semester here. If you're not there, then you wait for the following semester/year (unless you have proof of medical exemption).

notso Thu 27-Jun-13 16:08:06

Well Done SDTG hope DS overcomes his harrowing experience soon and doesn't give you too much earache!

Cadsuane Thu 27-Jun-13 16:41:02

My classes the last few days were at most 40% except for First year which were around 60%. The senior pupils were the worst with less than 15% turning up. I know of some classes were only 1 showed up.
And no movies for my classes but I had to give up on some of the practical activities I had planned as I had too few pupils. Probably wont have time to fit them in in August sad

halcyondays Thu 27-Jun-13 16:42:12

I seriously doubt that all his friends will be off school and that only 40% will be there. Sounds like he's trying to pull a fast one.

our school gates have always seemed just as busy on the last day of term as any other day.

Are you insinuating that ds3 may not be being utterly and completely honest, halcyondays? So you've met him then! grin

TrinityRhino Thu 27-Jun-13 17:43:49

I might not send in any of mine of the last day
the little ones will have to walk to church in the morning and then have a video in the afternoon

the big one will do nothing because they already are doing nothing in the wind down to end of term hmm

pinkr Thu 27-Jun-13 22:48:15

Last day of term here and I reckon attendance is somewhere between 10-20%. Secondary...period one should have 18 kids...had 3, period two 2 put of a possible 20 and period three 4 out of 30 . We finished at twelve. Every other class was the same in our floor.

CinnamonAddict Thu 27-Jun-13 22:55:54

Last day of term already? shock
My kids have almost 4 weeks of school left (and will go every single day unless they are ill - very ill wink)

We are in Scotland, CinnamonAddict - the schools here break up at the end of June, and go back in early August, rather than breaking up in late July and going back in early September, as the English schools do.

celtiethree Fri 28-Jun-13 01:06:50

At my kids school they only do half a day no work nothing constructive. Mine will go (tomorrow) but I would have no qualms about them missing if there was an event/ show etc that we would like to see. The school has been emptying as this week has progressed fully expect there to be low attendance tomorrow.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 28-Jun-13 01:17:04

DD has her last day on a Monday (why they don't finish on the Friday I don't know)
She's in Yr 6 so she's leaving this school .
DS finishes on the Fri before.

I can forsee alot of her classmates going on holiday on the weekend so not attending the last day .

cronullansw Fri 28-Jun-13 01:25:00

This ''horrifies'' you?

Really? You seriously get 'horrified' that kids bunk off on the last day before summer?

Fuck me dead.

Do you actually for a millisecond think they actually do any work in the last week? Missing a day will not change anything. The world will still turn. the sun will still rise.

PurpleSwift Fri 28-Jun-13 01:34:29

I would not be taking your sons word for this. And why is it anymore relevant if other pupils skive and teachers apparently 'accept' it. It is no reason for him not to go to school on a SCHOOL day. And i think the headteacher would think you are silly, FWIW. He can hardly act as if he condones that kind of behavior.

piprabbit Fri 28-Jun-13 01:44:40

Last day of term was always the best day at school - we used to feel sorry for the poor saps that missed out. It's when I learned my amazing skills with cards grin.

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