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Mummy business cards...really??

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HoneyStepMummy Wed 26-Jun-13 19:17:18

I was just on Vista print looking to get some new business cards for some side work I do. They offer you the option of getting what they call 'Mommy Cards' which is like a business card with your name on top. Beneath that is says "So-and-so's Mommy".Yuck. So twee. Who the heck uses cards like this?? What's wrong with just swapping mobile numbers at the school gate?? AIBU??

LeoTheLateBloomer Wed 26-Jun-13 19:18:37

Urgh. No, YANBU. Maybe Nethuns would like them...

Onesleeptillwembley Wed 26-Jun-13 19:21:36

Sounds very American.
Seriously, how bored and lacking would you have to be?

MrsLouisTheroux Wed 26-Jun-13 19:22:43

Just NO!

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Wed 26-Jun-13 19:25:26

Sorry, I wish all mums would have them, I can never remember anyone's fecking name blush

HoneyStepMummy Wed 26-Jun-13 19:27:04

I'm from the UK but live in the US so I suppose I'm a bit U since it is American. But sad? So if you don't have any kids do you get a card with "Wife of so-and-so?" I do understand the convinience of the cards but I would be pretty pissed off if someone tried to pass one off on me...

IneedAyoniNickname Wed 26-Jun-13 19:30:19

I saw these at least a year ago (in the UK). Some of the mums at dcs school are so twee that I'm surprised they dont have them!

Wyfee Wed 26-Jun-13 19:30:26

My pram (uppababy vista) had some 'Let's play' cards tucked inside a pocket. I haven't yet found my verbal skills to be lacking that much that I have to use a card. And I certainly didn't want to go around advertising the pram via their card.
Apart from that, I love the pram and would recommend (not advertise) it.

MrsLouisTheroux Wed 26-Jun-13 19:33:03

"Mummy networking cards" Oh it's too horrible.
Think of the designs you could choose!
The 'Cath Kidston' card, The 'Burberry check'. Opens up a whole new world of judgyness! grin

Hissy Wed 26-Jun-13 19:34:08

It's so much easier than scrabbling for paper, mobiles etc.

If you get naice ones done, like at for example, they're fun.

I got some done when I had to get some work business cards done. Has my address on so parents know where to collect their dc from if round ours etc. Business card didn't have my home address on it.

I dare say vista ones are crap design. Moo aren't.

MrsLouisTheroux Wed 26-Jun-13 19:35:52

Has my address on so parents know where to collect their dc from if round ours etc. grin

MadCap Wed 26-Jun-13 19:36:00

I kinda agree with Unexpected. I can never remember people's names. I must have a half dozen entries in my phone that are so and so's mum.

Kiriwawa Wed 26-Jun-13 19:36:31


How hideous (and tragic) to identify yourself solely as someone's mummy sad

Dorris83 Wed 26-Jun-13 19:37:50

wyfee I have that pram and haven't found any cards- I feel like I'm missing out!! Great pram I agree
Mommy cards- blecgh.

IneedAyoniNickname Wed 26-Jun-13 19:38:03

Still sound twee to me! Mind you, ds2 went to play at a friend's house last week, and it was only after the other mum had picked him up that I realised I don't even know her phone number! We communicated via facebook re drop off times grin

RumersHasIt Wed 26-Jun-13 19:38:42

I suppose they're for the same type of people who put on FB 'works at - fulltime mummy'

Aren't we all full time mummys?

Gets my goat, that does.

thebody Wed 26-Jun-13 19:40:51

RumerHasIt totally agree.

Far too twee for me and anyway every mom I know would take the piss.

HoneyStepMummy Wed 26-Jun-13 19:42:37

It get's worse!! You can customize cards and add photos of your family

And I thought I was being tacky by adding photos to my modeling and promotions business cards...

IneedAyoniNickname Wed 26-Jun-13 19:42:57

Rumers I think my fb says that blush in my defence I was about 20 when I put it on there. Mind you it also says where I am currently studying plus where I have previously studied, including Hogwarts grin
Have potentially outed myself!

weisswusrt Wed 26-Jun-13 19:43:43

But, they do sound useful...."Are your kids going to so-and-so's kids party, she wants people to bring food, here's her card so you can arrange what dish to bring"

MissBeehiving Wed 26-Jun-13 19:44:14

I can just imagine mine;

The Shack etc
Mobile: no point in ringing as never answers because it's always at the bottom of her handbag

Graduate of the Parenting School of Benign Neglect

Onesleeptillwembley Wed 26-Jun-13 19:45:19

Totally agree, Rumers. Once gently picked up a woman I was interviewing on that after she'd stated it twice during said interview.

Justfornowitwilldo Wed 26-Jun-13 19:48:39

I'd prefer it if everyone wore name badges like

Harry's mum
(Picture of child)

And if children came with labels

My name is Harry
Likes: ham, cheese, sweetcorn
Hates: tomatoes, minced beef

MrsLouisTheroux Wed 26-Jun-13 19:49:15

Onesleep What did she reply?

DirtyBlonde Wed 26-Jun-13 19:50:40

It's useful having a non-work card.

I have one with my name, mobile and an email address. Nice and plain, so plenty of space to write on any additional information. There's no way I'd have "mummy" details printed on - I use them for all sorts of stuff and motherhood isn't remotely relevant to many of them.

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