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to buy myself a build a bear

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superbagpuss Tue 25-Jun-13 18:16:38

my DT got build a bear vouchers for their birthday so we want along and got them a bear each

while I was there I saw a my little pony build a bear and saw a sully - from monsters inc - being advertised

I'm 32 and not at all girlie - would I be unreasonable to get me one for my bedroom? I have the money so DT wouldn't go without?
my birthday is 6 months away so a long time to wait for a present

bassetfeet Thu 27-Jun-13 18:56:44

I love teddy bears smile. Not silly at all in my head.
Met someone once through work. Lovely composed 40ish lady . She was having radiotherapy. Always carried a back pack with her books /crossword /crochet in to pass the time while waiting for her treatment
Once in treatment room she brought out a battered kindly teddy and he stayed on her tummy while her treatment was carried out .
Scary and lonely time having cancer treatment isnt it ?
That scuffed dog eared bear gave her so much comfort . I learnt a lot .

superbagpuss Sat 29-Jun-13 18:46:00

I bought a keep fit cheer bear today from a car boot sale, it moves and talks

so pleased with grin

DumSpiroSpero Sat 29-Jun-13 19:53:41

I am sitting reading this with DD's BaB and her 'baby' (Smallfry) on my lap.

I have a BaB, the IL's have a a bunny and a fox.

DD has decided she wants our bears to get married over the summer, so we will be holding a furry wedding in the garden and prior to that, taking DD's bear back to BaB for restuff & fluff!

Before DD got her bear at a friend's party nearly two years ago, I thought it was the biggest load of cobblers ever...blush grin

MyBaby1day Sun 30-Jun-13 05:17:52

Do it!!, bet he's SOOooooo cute!! smile. I know it's nothing to do with build-a-bear but I have a puppet and he's amazing!!, love him!. Teddies/puppets rule!! grin

Trazzletoes Sun 30-Jun-13 05:30:17

Do it superbagpuss do it!

Oh and I am so not worried about the bowls anymore grin

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