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Regarding my dog

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attheendoftheday Tue 25-Jun-13 14:30:58

I am sure I am nbu, but perhaps someone who isn't a doglover can give me some perspective on this.

This morning I was out walking ddog along with the dds. We met a mother and daughter coming the other way. I saw them coming, so called ddog back and put her on her lead (this is in rural woodland where you rarely meet others, I didn't have her off her lead in a busy park or anything).

When we reached each other the girl (who looked about 8 or 9 to me) asked if she could stroke ddog, I said yes (the mother was right there and aware of this). She had a stroke, and ddog licked her hand. The mother went ballistic, said I should not have let ddog lick her, and that I must have low hygiene standards!

So, was I out of order? Should I have prewarned them that stroking the dog would mean they were in licking range? Can other dog owners prevent their dogs licking people who are stroking them?

Before I get ripped apart (I've seen dog threads go badly before) I want to say I would have kept ddog away from them if they hadn't asked for the girl to stroke her. Also, the girl did not look remotely upset by being licked on the hand.

SsimTee Tue 25-Jun-13 16:11:52

The woman is nutter. Try to pay no attention to it. It will be a real joy for the poor child to grow up with a nutcase like her. Boy, would have made my blood boil if that had happened to me. Don't have much tolerance for stupidity

KittensoftPuppydog Tue 25-Jun-13 16:16:17


KittensoftPuppydog Tue 25-Jun-13 16:16:47

Not really. The woman is mad.

Perfect behaviour nearly all round - you put the lead on, the child asked before stroking him. The mother is clearly bonkers.

MiaowTheCat Tue 25-Jun-13 16:21:59

I tend to reply to the "can I stroke your dog" comment with "yes, she's friendly but you WILL get a huge big lick as she's a very licky dog" to cover my back after a relative made a huge thing of "oooh let's go see the doggy" (despite my repeated "I'd rather you didn't, she's very excited as it's not her house" - we were at my parents' at the time and they were quite excitable with the change of surroundings and had been shut away while young kids were around) and then came back in kicking up a stink that the dog had licked her kid and upset her.

Dog in question licks everything - the sofa, the cat-testing stunt cat...

My dog used to do an excitement wee grin but would only lick these days.

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Tue 25-Jun-13 16:31:18

I think you should ask MN to lock the thread down now - while it's still a unanimous Dog Thread grin

Ignore the daft cow.

WTAF? The woman is clearly a nutcase. Another YANBU here.

CalamityJ Tue 25-Jun-13 16:39:35

Genius! Letting your daughter stick her hand out to a strange dog and the woman goes ballistic because the hand gets LICKED? How mental would she have gone if your dog had bitten it?? I love the idea that you can curb your dog's natural instinct to lick. If she'd been walking her dog and they'd sniffed each others bums would she have seen that as a reflection on you and your habits?? YADNBU.

everlong Tue 25-Jun-13 16:42:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

diddl Tue 25-Jun-13 16:44:57

How odd of the mother.

Maybe their dog doesn't lick?

I have a dog who wouldn't.

In fact of all the dogs I've stroked when out walking, none have ever licked!

Katnisscupcake Tue 25-Jun-13 16:46:46

YANBU - the woman is definitely a loon.

Maybe the little girl had a cut on her hand? We have two dogs and even though we don't actively encourage licking, if DD has a cut/graze, one of the dogs will lick it and it heals much quicker. Don't know why, but even our vet said that there's some sort of healing properties in a dog's saliva...

GoshlyoHeavens Tue 25-Jun-13 16:48:43

This didn't make me laugh out loud, it made me think people need to up the standard of their spoofery.

OrmirianResurgam Tue 25-Jun-13 16:51:29

No! Is there a commemorative plaque to celebrate the Outbreak of Unanimity on Thread about Dogs

Lavenderloves Tue 25-Jun-13 16:51:33

Lol my dog would have licked her face given half a chance. She's sociable that's what dogs do.

Women is crazy clearly.

attheendoftheday Tue 25-Jun-13 17:29:00

Kitterns you had me for a minute!

Lavender, it was mostly luck that the dog didn't lick her face, then I could have seen the mother's point.

Aniseeda Tue 25-Jun-13 17:32:44

YANBU. I don't especially like dogs and, if a random one ran up to me and licked me out of the blue, I wouldn't be too thrilled about it (although I would probably grit my teeth and say a polite greeting to the owner!)

On the other hand, if my DD, who loves dogs, asked to stroke one and got a lick, I'd be fine about it - I'd just make sure she washed her hands once we got home, no biggie.

WestieMamma Tue 25-Jun-13 17:49:24

You should have responded to her comments on your low hygiene standards with 'Don't worry, he's been vaccinated and you daughter looks fairly clean. I'm sure the dog will be fine.' [evil]

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 25-Jun-13 18:29:11

Yanbu, you and your dog did nothing wrong at all. In fact it's a good sign that your dog licked this little girl's hand as it is a lovely submissive behaviour. These links explain it quite well I feel:

The woman was definitely a loon. If she is so very worried about germs etc she should bring antibacterial wipes/ hand sanitiser with her seeing as she is happy for her dc to interact with dogs. Problem solved.

Owllady Tue 25-Jun-13 18:32:20

I have been a dog owner all my life, childhood onwards and I am sitting here thinking how you could possibly stop a dog from licking someone if they had their hands that close to the dogs mouth anyway!

agree the woman is barking

Eliza22 Tue 25-Jun-13 19:17:43

Woman mad. Not your problem. Avoid at all costs.

SauvignonBlanche Tue 25-Jun-13 19:19:28


snooter Tue 25-Jun-13 19:22:54

I read the OP as if the child's mother had had a stroke - as in a cerebrovascular accident - it's been a long day!

Yuck - germy nasty dog lick - urgh! - FFS the dog was only reciprocating!

DOI not a dog fan but really!

ElenorRigby Tue 25-Jun-13 19:25:53

Barking mad I'm afraid.

Ignore smile

YADNBU! My friends new dog licked my DS at the weekend - I was fine with it, saved me having to clean the mucky little sod up. Just hope the dog didn't catch anything grin

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