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tell them off tell them to stoppit

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rosepettel Mon 24-Jun-13 06:29:44

womans telling rumers about my dd age 7


thebody Mon 24-Jun-13 06:46:54

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

TheRealFellatio Mon 24-Jun-13 06:47:04

Well take her off again then. Problem solved.

pollywollydoodle Mon 24-Jun-13 06:47:11

"a bart" she accusing het of being yellow or is this rhyming slang?

PseudoBadger Mon 24-Jun-13 06:47:56

She's spreading Second Hand News?

I have the album in front of me and I'm not afraid to use it

MammaTJ Mon 24-Jun-13 06:48:18

I think the most mature person in this tale is the 7 year old!

TheRealFellatio Mon 24-Jun-13 06:48:54

polly what?!!

pollywollydoodle Mon 24-Jun-13 06:49:28

tsk...sorry, wrong albumsmile

rosepettel Mon 24-Jun-13 06:49:33

yap i can but she wont stoppit soon she keeps telling rumers about dd age 7 shes got a prob with me this why but shes allways like this to and if i say thing she acts like a funny joke or makes up exuses !

rosepettel Mon 24-Jun-13 06:50:35

i think its bad to make rumers about a kid and it can make her sad

Cherriesarelovely Mon 24-Jun-13 06:51:14

Talk to your Dds school about it. When this happened to us someone badmouthed the school and several of the children but just hinted at who the children were. The headteacher told us if the woman went on to name the children they would take legal action.

TheRealFellatio Mon 24-Jun-13 06:52:02

Oh hang on - yellow like Bart Simpson? <penny drops>

And I think you mean 'tusk' not 'tsk...' grin

pollywollydoodle Mon 24-Jun-13 06:52:50

real fellatio
a bart= yellow like bart simpson ?
bart=a fart ?

Tee2072 Mon 24-Jun-13 06:54:18

What's a Bart?

grin Fellatio.

rosepettel Mon 24-Jun-13 06:54:36

back ground info
wen she comes round to get hers dds off me i only say mm hmm or some thing thats how much we are not freindly to each other

rosepettel Mon 24-Jun-13 06:56:55

back ground info
one week i did see her going nuts out side her dd sch

rosepettel Mon 24-Jun-13 06:57:09


TheRealFellatio Mon 24-Jun-13 06:58:26

Right. <rolls up sleeves>
Why is your DD hearing about what squabbling adults are saying on Facebook? Who is telling her?

What is a bart?

Who is this woman saying these things to?

What else is she saying?

If the people being told these rumours are believing them, and spreading them, and trusting the word of a woman who chooses to be spiteful about a small child just to get at her mother, then I suggest you get off Facebook, or start a new account, block all these people and concentrate on getting a new set of friends - and I don't just mean 'friends' in the facebook sense.

pollywollydoodle Mon 24-Jun-13 06:58:29

fellatio grin
op you should make her a big widge .....then she wouldn't be able to type or speak

rosepettel Mon 24-Jun-13 06:59:04

im not her freind my dds is her dds freinds

Tee2072 Mon 24-Jun-13 06:59:49

Then why is she in your FB?

You all sound 12.

MidniteScribbler Mon 24-Jun-13 07:00:28

Is it school holidays?

TheRealFellatio Mon 24-Jun-13 07:01:08

Tell your DD that she must only see these girls in school from now on. It's a shame but why should you be giving her mother free babysitting if she is going to be nasty about your family? Cut the ties, and act like an adult FFS.

TheRealFellatio Mon 24-Jun-13 07:02:22

Gaah. confused Why am I bothering with this? Why? It's going to be be ultimately unrewarding isn't it? Like a cupcake.

rosepettel Mon 24-Jun-13 07:04:14

kk i dont wana like to say them but hear some of the rumers are
she has got nits
she is a brat to keep youre kids away from
shes greecey
she spolite
bad manners to her
im a bitch
she says dd says thing she never says she is making them up ! she says dd has called her things but no
im a moany *****

ScumbagCollegeDropout Mon 24-Jun-13 07:04:59

Is this like a reverse kind of thread?

Own up, you are the 7 yo aren't you.

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