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to be pissed off at this 'practical joke'

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FlumpingEll Sun 23-Jun-13 22:18:24

My brother is staying with me at the moment. Today he decided to teach me a lesson not to leave my mobile phone on the windowsill when the window is open. (yes I know, not very wise)

I came downstairs from putting baby to bed to discover all of the blinds were pulled through the open window which I found odd, then noticed straight away my phone was missing, cue me pulling the sofa out and pulling all the cushions off like a crazed woman. I tried to ring it and it went straight to voicemail. At this point I started to get really emotional, not because of the phone itself but because it is full of pictures and videos of dd from being newborn. It also left me shaken that somebody had leaned through my window to steal it.

I was just about to call my network to block the phone (and probably the police) when my brother admitted he had it all along.

I should have been relieved but im just so angry with him, and also think he is a little strange for thinking it through the way he did and going into so much detail, blinds pulled through, phone turned off etc

At least I will know never to leave valuables near open windows again, the lesson did work...

SouthStar Mon 24-Jun-13 01:48:14

Brothers are horrible. Mine is 32 and he still pranks me at any given moment.

mathanxiety Mon 24-Jun-13 01:59:59

DS this afternoon confronted DD2 with the question 'Do you want to sniff my finger?' hmm

But I'm not sure this falls into the same category. I would have asked him to leave before I got all stabby.

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