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To point out there is a "Watch this thread" button?

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MardyBra Sun 23-Jun-13 11:10:58

So much simpler than clogging up a nearly full thread to mark your place.

secretscwirrels Sun 23-Jun-13 13:07:22

backforgood the fact that it got to 1000 posts means it's worth doing again. Clearly parking threads strike a chord grin.
I use watch for threads I want to keep indefinitely. Boring education stuff mostly.

Sparklingbrook Sun 23-Jun-13 12:57:43

I don't think the fact that a thread topic has been done in the last few months/weeks/days/hours ever stopped anyone from starting a new one about the same thing Back. MN Talk would cease to exist if that was the case. grin

BackforGood Sun 23-Jun-13 12:55:05

AIBU to point out there is a search facility, and if you use it, this thread has been done over and over again in the last 2 or 3 months?

You'll find lots of valid reasons there for people using the site differently from you. wink

MardyBra Sun 23-Jun-13 12:49:12

I have started threads like that in the past sinister. grin

SinisterBuggyMonth Sun 23-Jun-13 12:25:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sparklingbrook Sun 23-Jun-13 12:25:09

I hide loads. I have loads of topics hidden too.

Patchouli Sun 23-Jun-13 12:24:18


I use 'watch this thread' for other things: like recipes, tips, book lists, bra intervention figures etc that I want to keep a while. Not for threads where I might look for an update and have little to say.

And I quite like the ' . '
You get to see how many lurkers are there finding something funny/rooting for the OP

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sun 23-Jun-13 12:23:32

I use the 'hide thread' button an awful lot more. I wish MNHQ would put little boxes at the side of the page so you could just select threads to hide en bloc.

I too hate the use of 'marking place', really crass in many instances.


Sparklingbrook Sun 23-Jun-13 12:23:13

Well Smudging it got to 1000 posts but there is a 2nd thread somewhere in case the Op comes back.

Sparklingbrook Sun 23-Jun-13 12:22:14

I watch quite a few threads for various reasons.

Smudging Sun 23-Jun-13 12:21:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

usualsuspect Sun 23-Jun-13 12:20:49

I put loads of threads on watch,because I cba to post on them.

I never do the marking my place thing.

It annoys me,makes the threads too long and my phone and kindle struggle to load long threads.

greenhill Sun 23-Jun-13 12:20:34

But if the thread goes poof you don't get to see MNHQ's deletion message. <disclaimer: am not on parking thread and have not marked place either>

MardyBra Sun 23-Jun-13 12:19:12

Thank you Trills. I wouldn't dare criticise other Mners, especially Tee. Oh no, not me...

Sparklingbrook Sun 23-Jun-13 12:18:25

But the TIO button is right next to the I'm Watching one. Stop being lazy arses. grin

Tee2072 Sun 23-Jun-13 12:17:10

You can with the mobile site, Love. Don't know about the app.

TheMagicKeyCanFuckOff Sun 23-Jun-13 11:37:07

I don't like watching a thread, it's a lot easier to use TIO.

<marks place>

Loveleopardprint Sun 23-Jun-13 11:36:37

Can I do "watch this thread" on my phone?? Did not know about the function.

YouveCatToBeKittenMe Sun 23-Jun-13 11:34:11

I've never used the bookmark function
What does it do that's different to watching the thread?

<goes off to randomly bookmark threads>

Trills Sun 23-Jun-13 11:32:54

Mardy wan't criticising, she was helpfully pointing out functionality that others may not have been aware of, of course smile

Trills Sun 23-Jun-13 11:32:23

Watch is crap, it's true. I never use it.

Once you've posted on a thread once it will stay in TIO and you can use bookmark.

Sparklingbrook Sun 23-Jun-13 11:24:36


Tee2072 Sun 23-Jun-13 11:23:48

Aibu to think it's rude to criticise how others use MN?

Watching it means checking yet another part of the site. Making place puts it on TIO.

ChippingInWiredOnCoffee Sun 23-Jun-13 11:23:02

<marking my place>

Trills Sun 23-Jun-13 11:21:49

YANBU to point it out.

Y might BU to expect anyone to do anything though.

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