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Aibu to be livid with Dh? (Toxic ils)

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pumpkinsweetie Sat 22-Jun-13 18:09:57

Found a bargain today, and although i am nervous about being pregnant (mc feb) i have bitten the bullet and bought a very nice pram of a lady on fb, it was such a bargain i had to have it. As we don't own a car i sent dh off to collect it & gave him money for a taxi expecting him to come home in a taxi obviously.

Anyway not many people know of my pregnancy as of yet except a select few, i'm only 12wks.
Instead of getting a taxi, my dh got fil to pick him up with it, not only does fil not know i'm pregnant but i don't want the ils to know for quite sometime and we are relatively non contact due to their narcisstic behaviours aswell many other reasons.

When dh got back i said i saw fil, apparently he still knows nothing (cant see how that's true when it was a complete set with carrycot). Now ils i suspect will be talking and their tongues will be wagging at the prospect of the long awaited grandson that so far they don't have being that each & every pregnancy so far on mine & sils side has only so far bought them grandgirls-each pregnancy has bought with it harrassment until the day of the sexing scan. This time i don't want them to know until they actual notice and me being overweight was hoping never lol.

So many incidences have happened with ils, too much to put in this thread but we have a long list, including hate towards my eldest dd from a previous relationship, telling her that she has eyes like her real father & that she looks like a chinese boy, fil insisting my dc went to naps with him in his bed when we used to visit, a mothersday showdown where fil assuming mil hadn't been bought a gift shouted, swore & spat that he didn't give a f* if he ever saw his gc again, mil insults dh on numerous occasions, mil puts & buys her other gc 1st, pils took us to a wedding and took dh out for hours leaving me & dc alone in hotel room in middle of no-where, i found out last year fil beat dh as a child.

Alot more has happened than above but i thought dh was more in control of them now as we are mostly non contact and he doesn't put too much pressure on me to see ils anymore but im upset instead of getting the taxi today he has got in fils car knowing how much i wanted this pregnancy to be secret from pils for aslong as possible. Dh has even been a twit and left one of the bits in fils car by mistake so i have to deal with fil at my door tomorrow. I don't want that man anywhere near my home and i'm so angry.
Aibu to be angry dh didn't get a taxi as asked?

ENormaSnob Sat 22-Jun-13 21:00:44

This is the least of your problems imo.

sweetestcup Sat 22-Jun-13 23:20:50

Why havent you said anything to your DH? This gets more confusing, how is he meant to know how yo feel if you don't communicate.

ManifestoMT Sun 23-Jun-13 07:04:55

I remember your earlier threads

Your dh probably didn't think this through. You need to vent get rid of the anger here and then sit down with dh and explain how buying pram and getting fil to pick it up is not the way to do it.

Go over the ground rules with your dh about your pregnancy and dcs again calmly and tell him the reasons why. Lead him through it so be makes the connections.
You need to talk to him though don't bottle it up.
Good luck

pumpkinsweetie Sun 23-Jun-13 07:59:31

Thanyou Manifesto, i think your right i need to talk to him calmy and go through the ground rules again as i think he may be slipping.
Mil is coming round next week, the second rare visit this year so i need to sort this out before then.
Also i don't want dh thinking that the visit is extended to fil-It never will be.

Thing is no matter how calm i am, my dh has a habit to get defensive & withdrawn as he probably feels like piggy in the middle at times.

I have put my foot down before and in the end everything worked out well, me & dc had 10 months of zero contact (dh didn't & don't expect him too). But i have made my bed by agreeing to contact with mil again & that there was probably the start of the problems. The gap inbetween the 2 visits is nearly 2 months, but i think twice a year is enough for me & dcs.

I think i just need to stop thinking about this after our talk as i don't need this during pregnancy & stressing myself out over this isn't wise. I just have to remember the important wise words of people on the stately homes thread, don't let them in if i don't want to, i can change my mind on visits if i want etc

CatsRule Sun 23-Jun-13 08:05:24

The ont thing that struck me when reading your posts was that your dh's family have been him yet he will ask his Dad for help in the form of a lift.

My inlaws are toxic too...dh has been on the verge of cutting them off so many times yet while he wont ask them for help he still seems to go back for a kicking every time....why do they do the door for more abuse?!

I'm not excusing your dh but maybe, like my dh, he was never brought up with the strength to stand up tp them amd keeps crawling back. Although, since my ds was born my dh for the first time stood up to their did cause fireworks but the only other alternative was to be bullied amd I wasn't about to let that happen to me.

Not.sure what I'm trying to say op...I.don't know why people from abusive families keep going back.

I'm sorry for your could do without the stress!

pumpkinsweetie Sun 23-Jun-13 08:16:56

Thankyou Cats, that is my thinking too, it must be a deep rooted thing of wanting to be accepted & loved but unfortunetly the reality is very different and i don't think dh will ever be accepted or treated well and like you say they go back time & time again, probably with the thought things will turn out well and go back blindly when people like me, outsiders see it from outside in and know in no uncertain terms nothing will change.
Bad people don't become good people, but he will always go back for more and unfortunetly i cannot do nothing but watch the events unfold.

CatsRule Sun 23-Jun-13 09:21:21

He will eventually see it. My dh does see it now but it doesn't stop him going back yet.

Like you say it's deep rooted...that's what I was trying to say! He is getting stronger and your dh will too. He loves his parents but doesn't like the people they must be confusing and I expect your dh feels similar.

My dh once said to me that he loves his family and wants the best for them but doesn't want to know them. It has taken him years to be this objective about things but occassionally he goes back to get the same treatment...each time he is one step closer to realising they will never change.

Once his mum even told him she would never change for him...I can understand his need for acceptance.

It has taken him years to come to this but it was when we had ds that he really saw just how manipulative they were.

I hope you get the opportunity to speak to your dh...maybe would be best to approach it another way other that being annoyed...which I totally understand why you are and I would be too. I've found different ways to get things across to dh other than going straight for what actually annoyed me if you see what I mean.

For example in the past with one occassion instead of saying I'm annoyed at blah blah usual crap they do...I said ok how are you going to deal with xyz in the was then that things dawned on him about that particular situation. Not sure if that's helpful...hope it works out for you though as you need to think of your dd and baby.

pumpkinsweetie Sun 23-Jun-13 11:54:57

I'm even more livid now, after having a calm word with him it turns out he paid fil £10 for the lift yesterdayconfused, when the taxi would have only cost £6 if thatconfused. Fgs so now he is also throwing our money away aswell!
When i questioned him on this, he said his dad does loads for us!-omg i was speechless and when i asked if it is definetely just mil coming next week, he said he assumes soconfused

Great we are back to this again, completely at the wrong time!
I'm pregnant dh is redundant, he is throwing money at fil aswell as not setting boundries. I don't think i can do this againsad

Dh has gone round the shop as i said i'm hungry as we don't have much in, and he moaned about wasting money on foodhmm, yet he can give his own father a tenner for a lift.
On the way out i said i will not allow that man back into me & dcs life-i did say it in the nicest way possible but he has now stormed off in a huff.

I just feel like crying, my dh is a completely different person when he has seen fil and i'm always the bad guy. Fil dropped off the part to the pram that was left in car boot this morning and my 2yo was at door with dh and he stood there talking for 10mins when he knows i don't want fil near our dc, in the end i had to usher her away!! He also bought food here from allotment & dh is all like, oh isn't fil lovely bla bla...

CatsRule Sun 23-Jun-13 16:48:34

I personally don't get families taking money for lifts...I never would but that's only my opinion.

Not sure what advice I can give but just wanted you to know you're not alone...that rage feeling is horrible, it consumes you and isn't good for you especially right now.

My dh is slightly better now, certainly protective with ds and I after first hand seeing the manipulative behaviour from his family towards us but they still have the power to ruin things, put him in a depressive style mood etc. I can only think they have that power because of his want to be accepted like his sister and her husband is. He is much better than he was amf I really hope for your sake and your dc that he opens his eyes to it all.

I love my dh but I do think it's wise to choose your inlaws first....hindsight is wonderful!! I think that unless you have had or have truly vile inlaws you may have a level of understanding but not fully of that rage that consumes does with me anyway!

Hope you're ok op.

pumpkinsweetie Mon 24-Jun-13 11:15:29

Thankyou catsrule, i have finally calmed down now. Just realised i shouldn't be wasting my precious time worrying, because at the end of the day i'm in control and i need to remember that, so them knowing or finding out won't allow them untold access back into me & dcs lifes.

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