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SAHM to full time WOHM 'career' job. Got to make a decision.

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ArabellaBeaumaris Fri 21-Jun-13 08:49:34

Background - had DD1 when I was 24, hadn't started a 'career' yet as been travelling/doing a MA. Stayed at home for the next 5 years, had another child. DC are now 5 in reception & nearly 2.

I applied for a grad scheme & something has gone wrong in their assessments I have been offered a job. It's about a 1.5 hr commute on public transport, min 1hr in the car. DP would go part time for the first year. He is looking forward to this.

I should feel excited but I feel sick. Suddenly sad at the idea of the end of stay at home mum-ing, playgroups, mooching around the park, all the usual. Afraid that they will find me out as I won't be any good! Worried that the commute is going to make it really hard & I won't see my kids during the week.

I definitely want to go back to work & it makes so much sense to go with this opportunity (except the commute). Talk some sense into me?

dancingwithmyselfandthecat Sat 22-Jun-13 14:36:35

Don't panic or doubt yourself if it takes a long time to get used to it. I'd say it took me two years in my career to feel comfortable and settled with working life - and that was without having been a SAHM first.

Make that commute YOUR time. I used to hate mine until I started a masters on top of a 60 hr a week job. It then became the only time in the week I could fully relax and actually I found that I loved it for that!

Congratulations and well done.

Splatt34 Sat 22-Jun-13 18:01:23

I normally (currently on mat leave with DC2) commute 1 hour each way do an average 50 hour week as main household earner. DH works part time and does the childcare & housework. It works really well for us. DD gets to spend proper time with her dad, far more than er friends, & when I'm not at work Imake sure to spend proper quality time with DD. My only SAHM periods have been my mat leave but TBH by 9 months I was bored, craving the challenges of work.
Go for it. Good luck.

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