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To be peed off at the school? (Dds attendance)

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4leafclover Thu 20-Jun-13 22:52:57

I have had a letter today regarding my 5 year old dds attendance which contained an attendance record and an appointment to go into school next week to discuss her absences.
On the record it clearly states that all absences were due to her being ill (all of which she was in hospital).
Dp was so disgusted with this he contacted the attendance officer straight away and questioned why they want a meeting with us when they know why she has been off, it turns out that they need medical proof that we have kept her off because she has been ill and not for no reason confused
On their records the attendance officer can clearly see that my ds aged 7 has near on perfect attendance, so dp asked them if they think we favour one child's education over the other, obviously she denied thinking this and quickly cancelled the meeting but she still wants evidence angry

I will be taking dd to the doctors tomorrow (whilst its teachers training) to get them to try and find out why my daughter seems to get ill all the time and to see if they can help her as we hate her having to miss school and we hate feeling like we have done wrong.

schools policy on illness is if the child has not vomited in the past 6 hours then send them in confused I'm gathering this is why so many children in dds class are off sick all the time!

one last thing (sorry for the long post) the school have it all on record that she has been admitted to hospital each time she has been ill as the hospital school staff have contacted them.

landofsoapandglory Fri 21-Jun-13 08:47:56

We had something similar a few years ago. DS1 was like your DD, if he got a bug, he would vomit for a week, end up vomiting blood and needed rehydrating in hospital. He, also, has cyclical vomiting syndrome, where he could vomit 40 times a day for a week (might be worth looking into that for your DD) and again need hospital treatment.

DS2 is a severe asthmatic so would also have many absences.

We got a letter from school saying we were being monitored closely by the Education Welfare Officer so I rang her. I explained everything to her, she was really nice and said the best thing to do was get a letter from the boys' consultants, so we did. We still got letters saying their attendance was X% every so often, but that was it, we never got called for a meeting.

user1484429451 Sat 14-Jan-17 22:20:40

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Allthewaves Sat 14-Jan-17 22:22:49


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