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To think that these people have gone on holiday with MY money?!

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NightmareWalking Thu 20-Jun-13 16:22:23

I bought a Groupon voucher for a photography session & 4 prints earlier in the year. We attended the photography session, then went along on 25th April to view our photos. We decided to buy a CD of prints for £300 as well as our 'free' images that were included on the Groupon. We were told they'd be ready in 30 days.

30 days came & went, I've been chasing the studio on 2 phone numbers, no answer, texting their text message service, no answer, calling the complex that they are located in who helpfully told me they'd been getting lots of calls about the company. Now I've been told by the complex that the business have gone on holiday until the first week of July!

So can anyone advise what the next course of action should be? Do I contact Groupon? The credit card company and get them to refund the payment? Or should I write by recorded delivery and give them time to comply with my request to give me the prints? Please advise!

A little cheeky as currently have a thread in legal asking for advice, but there's more traffic here smile

primallass Thu 20-Jun-13 16:23:57

I'd go straight to the credit card company. I think your contract is no longer with Groupon as you paid an extra fee for the images.

Lariflete Thu 20-Jun-13 16:32:23

Claim back on your credit card. They will try to contact the company to ascertain their side of the story but in the meantime they normally refund to the card until the matter is settled (they will charge the card again if the company can prove that you have received the goods / services).

NightmareWalking Thu 20-Jun-13 16:35:39

Thanks both. I do still want the pictures, there were some really lovely ones of DD so it's helpful to know that if I do contact the card company it's not necessarily game over on that front!

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