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Whats the stupidest argument with a company you have had.

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MNEdBlackpoolWiganandSalford Thu 20-Jun-13 12:05:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anewyear Sat 22-Jun-13 13:23:48

Last Tuesday, (18/6) when i arrived home from work at 4.30pm, there was a letter waiting for me (which had been written on the 14/6 & posted on the 17/6) from my sons school, advising me he had a detention that day (18/6) at 3.10pm.
There had been a mix up with dates apparently hmm

StealthPolarBear Sat 22-Jun-13 12:49:47


SarahAndFuck Sat 22-Jun-13 12:37:35

Stealth - grin my meter reading was 0000SODOFF as far as they were concerned.

sashh Sat 22-Jun-13 11:15:02

Just thought of another.

Bought a cake for students but didn't know if it was halal.

Phoned Sainsbury's help line, after 10 mins.

"Halal is a way of killing animals, so it has nothing to do with cake"

colleysmill Sat 22-Jun-13 09:55:16

After my last boyfriend left I had been (too kindly) forwarding his post to him.

Alittle while later I started receiving phone calls to the landline and my mobile asking me to speak to him.

One conversation went:
- can I talk to mr knobhead?
- sorry noone of that name lives here
- yes he does. Can I speak to him.
- no sorry he used to but moved out 10 months ago. I've not seen him since.
- madam we know he lives there. We need to speak with him
- no I've told you he doesn't live here.
- yes he does

And on and on in that vein .......

-me: I can assure you I know who lives in my house and he doesn't live here anymore. Unless he is hiding in the cellar which I think you'll find is highly unlikely given I don't have one.
- well I'll call back later
- well you can but he still won't be living here then either!

Turns out he'd taken out credit agreements against my address and when he defaulted they started calling - one company had me down as a guarantee! By that point I told them I'd not seen him in months and could be dead for all I knew but referred them onto his father. I also started returning his post "return to sender" so he couldn't use the post as proof of address.


youarewinning Sat 22-Jun-13 09:44:42

When I moved into my current property it was on a new build street and there were no communications lines at the time. They built my side first, then had to build the other side before they could dig up the pavement to put in the lines. hmm

I rang BT, explained I was moving, they explained communication lines and it was agreed that I would continue paying a small monthly DD a it would cost £160 odd to connect my house to the outside line. shock

Anyway bad weather delayed the lines, they sent someone to do it twice - both times we made the poor guy waiting outside in the freezing temperatures tea.

They then decided to charge me for cancelling my phone and broadband before the contract expired. confused After many calls they accepted it wasn't me cancelling it but them not getting the lines down so I couldn't connect!

Was all sorted, added the connection fee and agreed I would start a new contract on one of their current offers. Get a bill saying I'm £34.56 in arrears but I knew they were refunding my £160 so thought nothing of it.

A week later they disconnect my phone - ring up - explain and say I understand it's been a mistake and the refund is obviously taken longer. 5 phonecalls later they agree that expecting me to pay £35 (because it was that 1/4 bill) when they would be refunding me £160 (apparently during next 1/4 hmm) was out of order so they agreed to reconnect the line.

Then told me it was £10 reconnection charge. shock

I gave it with both barrels and contract ended after me threatening OFCOM!

Tee2072 Sat 22-Jun-13 09:14:09

I just thought of another one, although not a company.

Last time I went home, with my 6 month old son and my husband, we were going through immigration at San Francisco and the immigration officer said:

"Returning from holiday?"
"No, visiting. We live in Belfast."

I just sort of looked at her. I honestly had no answer. She blushed hard and sent us through!

littlejo67 Sat 22-Jun-13 09:10:03

In the days when you had child benefit books- I had three children and one of them died. I sent back the child benfit book and a covering letter explaining. They returned it with just a line through the name. I was devestated to see the name crossed out just like that- beyond insensitive.
To add insult they had crossed out the wrong child's name. I had to go to the Post Office to cash it and explain "it wasn't that child who had died".
I did write and email the Child Benefit Dept but they never replied. Shocking.

ComtessedeFrouFrou Sat 22-Jun-13 08:56:56

HSBC have or had a policy of sending new credit cards to your branch, rather than to your home, presumably for security. Only they won't let you change the branch your account is registered to. So when you move 300 miles away, you either have to go back to pick up the ard or get it redirected to a branch near you for collection.

All of this makes perfect sense, until they fail to send a letter informing you that the card is ready for collection or a reminder two weeks later and then you go on holiday to Barcelona and have your card swallowed by an ATM in orde to "force you" to come into the branch and pick up your new card.

Fortunately, I was with my now DH, who was able to sub me until we got home. Where the "two week reminder" letter was on my doormat, dated five weeks after the "two week reminder letter" was supposedly sent to me, and having been redirected by my parents, as HSBC had used my old address. Despite the fact that they had been sending me statements to the correct address for six months.

The man in the branch at HSBC refused to apologise that their series of extraordinary cock ups had left me potentially penniless in a foreign country because the procedure was for my own protection. I asked him there and then for the forms to close my account.

LindyHemming Sat 22-Jun-13 08:11:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LindyHemming Sat 22-Jun-13 08:06:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

marcopront Sat 22-Jun-13 02:15:17

I moved into a new house and had a frustrating conversation with the water company, the only part I remember though is when she said to me that I should send a letter addressed to "The occupier" back saying not known at this address.

I had a call on my mobile from some car company claiming I had asked them to call me. I said I hadn't and asked them not to call me again. She asked for my details to take me off their list and didn't understand when I said I hadn't given them my details, so why would they be on her list.

RainyAfternoon Fri 21-Jun-13 23:48:37

A few years ago I was living overseas on project. It had taken us a long time to get an international phone line As they had run out numbers hmm But we were eventually given one once I had met with the telecoms manager. In fact they proudly gave us a 'special' number – one with made up of mostly the same digit.
Unfortunately our house was not very secure, and after we had been burgled three times we decided to move. Our new house already had an international phone line so we went to the Telecom office to ask for our account to be transferred to the new number.
Telecom man:'But Miss Rainy, we gave you a special number'.
Me:'Yes I knew you did, and we were very grateful for it. However we need to move to a new house as our current house is not safe, so we don't need that number any more.'
Man:'But Miss Rainy, don't you like the special number?'
Me:'Yes, we like it very much. But not enough to want to stay in our house and keep being burgled.'
Man:'So you are telling me you want to give back the special number?'
Man:'Oh… Are you sure you don't want to stay in your house and keep the special number?'
Me:'Thank you, but actually no' smile

Tee2072 Fri 21-Jun-13 21:27:48

My last boyfriend before I met my husband somehow managed to open a joint credit card with my name without my signature. I still boggle as to how this happened.

Anyway, I found out when my brother rang me to tell me this debt collection agency in New Orleans was trying to reach me at his house in California. How they found that number is a mystery as I've never lived at that address. I was living in Belfast at that point.

My sister in law holds a limited Power of Attorney for me for that sort of thing in America, but they wouldn't talk to her. So we all shrugged and I said I'd try to ring them the next time I was in the US.

Which I did. To be told that if I didn't not pay them something like $20,000 within 60 days they'd start taking money directly from my wages through the court. I laughed at the woman and said 'And how are you going to do that, exactly?'

'It's very common ma'am.'

'You seem to be missing the part where I don't live in the US, have no job in the US and no bank account.'

'Of course you do.'

'I really don't. I'm here on holiday. I go back in 5 days.'

'You're American. You have an American bank account.'

'No. I don't.'

This went on for some time before I just laughed again and told them to try and hung up the phone.

I assume they tried to find my US job and, naturally, didn't find one, as I've never heard from them again.

Ginger4justice Fri 21-Jun-13 21:15:50

It's not my story but it's god so I want to share it...
I have a friend who recently received a call from her insurance company saying her car had been hit whilst parked and the person who had done it had given their details and they needed to take the car in to be fixed. She continually asks, "are you sure? there's nothing wrong with it, I can't see anything damaged" etc etc. Eventually agrees to take car in to the specified garage.
Goes to get car back and they say she has to pay an excess, she refutes it as she has no excess on her policy....
Turns out they had the wrong car. They are looking at a completely different policy. Last I heard they were demanding she pay them for the no existent repairs they made. And she had to pay the "excess" to get her car back. Although knowing her I don't rate their chances grin

Pixel Fri 21-Jun-13 21:01:37

The house where I grew up (Dad is still there) is in a very ordinary road but is a few years younger than the other houses. Basically it used to be farmland with an old barn that was the last thing to be demolished and two more houses were built in the gap. Rather than renumber the existing houses they called them number'a' and 'b'. Oh the problems it's caused over the years with companies insisting we lived in a flat!

ConfusedPixie Fri 21-Jun-13 20:58:44

Tricycletops: I have a similar problem at my bank. One of the security questions is my Mum's maiden name. One that she put on when they opened my account. I was trying to remove a student credit card and they asked for the letters 2 and 5. I gave them the letters and failed. They said it wasn't the name that is my Mum's maiden name, hinted that it started with S (my surname starts with S). So i tried letters 2 and 5 of my surname. Still wrong.

I eventually convinced them to tell me what the name was, after answering three oter security questions, and it was some bastardised spelling of my own surname with extra sounds added. Think Jamie to Ja-he-my.

They refuse to change it to my Mum's actual maiden name. I cannot delete a student credit card account without passing the security question which is to identify letters of my Mum's maiden name. I cannot remember how to spell their bastardised version of my surname and they won't tell me! We're going around in circles in branch and on the phone and also on the phone in branch with my Mum's adoption certificate in front of them!

All to close a credit card account that was opened without me knowing about it, I have never used and was only a student for three months in 2007.

microserf Fri 21-Jun-13 20:46:30

God, I hate virgin media. Too many stories.

" no madam, there is no problem with broadband in your local area" so I give up and walk out the door, down the street and past the man in the red Virgin media t shirt frantically trying to fix something at one of those boxes full of wires at the corner of my street.

Or the time during the London riots which were very close to my home when they fixed another customer's fault by cutting my phone off completely and then driving away refusing to fix the new fault they had just created because " you're not on their list today" while I howled abuse at their customer "service" team.

Can't leave them as they won't transfer the phone number to anyone else. They pretend that they will, but they also find a bullshit reason not to. Always. Eventually a sky person gave up and told me virgin would never transfer the number and were lying to me.

DH laughed the last time they called to try to sell me more crap and I proudly informed they I wasn't a customer, I was a hostage.

One of their own contractors informed they were a bunch of cunts, whilst wearing a virgin tshirt at the time. I agreed...

JackieTheFart Fri 21-Jun-13 20:27:09

North Thumbland is brilliant!

attheendoftheday Fri 21-Jun-13 19:51:20

Just remembered another one from Barclaycard. I moved house and had informed them of my new address. The person taking the call had mistakenly recorded that lived, not in Northumberland, but in "North Thumbland". When I rang up they would not change my address unless I recorded that I had moved again. No amount of pointing out that no such place as "North Thumbland" existed would convince them.

In the end I left it, and had a chuckle every time a bill arrived, considering whether Barclaycard also believed in South Fingerland.

Thistledew Fri 21-Jun-13 19:48:12

When DH and I were looking for venues to get married in, we saw one on line that was just perfect for what we wanted. I phoned up and asked if we could book a viewing. The guy I spoke to asked when we wanted to get married, and I said about a year's time but that we weren't settled on Amy specific time or date. He said that they were pretty booked up, but they had a few dates round about when we wanted it.

A couple of days later, he emailed me to say that they had just had a couple more viewings, and the dates we had discussed had just been taken. He had therefore cancelled our viewing.

I gave him a call back to say that it didn't matter, we were flexible about our dates, and we really liked the venue, so please could we still come and see it. If we loved it enough, we would of course set our date to suit their availability.

This apparently was not good enough. We had to agree a date before we could come for a viewing. No, he couldn't tell me when they had free dates, we had to name a two-week window and he would tell me if they had anything free. confusedhmm

I gave up in the end. No idea why he was being so difficult as our numbers meant that we would have been up to their full capacity so it would have been good revenue for them.

Glitterandglue Fri 21-Jun-13 19:03:24

Not from a company but a stupid moment from me recently...

I had a bit of a job renewing my insurance because I couldn't decide when I was going to get a new car. It changed a couple of times before renewal but I remembered there being a message saying the money would be taken out of my account on the renewal date. The company took a separate amount of money to make up the difference from changing my vehicle on this date, but I was convinced they hadn't taken the original amount. Called up to ask when they would be taking it and the very bemused man on the other end said, "Well, it looks like we took it on the 2nd...not many people call up wanting to give us money..." I say I've had a look and it hasn't gone out of my account and it was meant to go on the 12th and I transferred money in especially to cover it...

And then read through my online statement again, find the 2nd and see that actually yes, it did go out then and I just didn't notice it. I interrupt the man in the middle of his sentence to go, "Oh, hang on...I'm an idiot," which did at least mean that he spent the last minute of our conversation laughing, so I hope I at least brightened his day. grin

ISeeSmallPeople Fri 21-Jun-13 18:33:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SirChenjin Fri 21-Jun-13 18:13:48

Our broadband was very very slow (I workd from home so need something pretty fast), so phoned BT and was put through to their Indian call centre who insisted that there was nothing wrong with it, and then got me to unscrew the plate thing on the wall and do some kind of test on it. Kept telling me everything was fine, and I had to go through this palaver several times over a couple of weeks. I kept asking them to send an engineer, but no, I had to go through their fucking stupid online tests every time.

Eventually I lost the rag, demanded an engineer and told the call centre lady that if she didn't send one I would be writing to the head of BT to tell him that she personally lost the company a customer (bad, I know, but I was desperate).

They then sent an engineer who plugged his laptop into the wall and saw immediately that we were on a very low fixed speed so would never get anything faster. He phoned the call centre to amend things, and they tried to tell him that there was nothing wrong and that he needed to unscrew the plate! He was not impressed and had great delight in telling the call handler that he was, in fact, the BT engineer and they were talking nonsense.

Now I have lovely fast broadband grin

EMUZ Fri 21-Jun-13 18:04:41

Not so much the company but...
I have an apartment, ground floor that leads from patio doors to a garden. Something came up recently. Anyway it turns out my garden is not my garden but communal angry
The conversation ended with so its a communal garden. With no communal entrance. Makes perfect sense. I mean you could access it if you walked out, up the street, down another street, along a main road, and up another street. And they made that bit of land communal?! confused
Not to mention if you sit in it, you are practically sat in my living room and kitchen
Management company seem as bemused by the deeds as I am

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