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AIBU to ask for help with holiday (2014)?

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Gossipgirladdict Tue 18-Jun-13 14:41:41

I know there is a Travel section, but it doesn't seem to get much traffic and I was hoping for lots of suggestions....

Basically, we have an endowment policy maturing next year and one of the things I we have earmarked some of the money for is a really good holiday. There is me, DH, DD1 (7 at the time) and DD2 (who will then be 18-20 mo).

Before finding out last year that I was miraculously pg with DD2, we'd always thought we would go to Florida. I am now having second thoughts, mainly because of the long flight and the logistics of such a holiday with a toddler, and also because DH isn't all that keen. If I'm honest, I'm not overly fussed about it either, it would really be for DD1.

So I'm looking for alternatives.... There has to be something 'special' about it, as this is the only time we'll ever be able to spend this kind of money (8-10K including spending money) on a holiday. I thought of a cruise, but not sure if it would be our kind of thing, though I do like the idea of seeing lots of different places. Not sure how child friendly that would be....

To give an idea of what we like, this year for the third year running we are going to Puerto Pollensa. Would like to have tried somewhere different this year but didn't want to be disappointed and wish we'd stuck with PP. When DD1 was little we stayed in the UK and loved Devon (Dartmouth/Salcombe area). Also liked The Lakes and Northumberland. Pre DD's, DH and I loved city breaks, New York being my ultimate fav (I'm obsessed with the place). We also loved Barcelona, Prague, Vienna...

So... Does anyone have any advice on Florida, cruises or ideas that I haven't thought of?

Thanks for reading, sorry it's long....

Gossipgirladdict Wed 19-Jun-13 21:03:33

Actually, I think you've made a very good point, googly about memories. Yes, I think mine and DH's should be more important than theirs at this stage, I hadn't thought of it like that. That has made me feel much better!

I still can't believe how expensive Florida is for next year. I've been pricing it up this afternoon and, even with our budget, I'm not sure we can afford it (or rather that I can't justify it, I suppose).sad

On the subject of flights, we live 2-3 hours from the nearest airport, so direct flights are pretty much essential. The thought of that drive home after a couple of flights would virtually spoil the holiday for us. Especially if the return flight is overnight (as most US flights are). We've done it coming back from New York a couple of times and it was awful. And that was without DC's!

Hmm, lots to think about....!

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