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To want to march up to school and shout a lot.

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plainjaney Tue 18-Jun-13 14:36:41

I know I'm being unreasonable but I'm bloody annoyed.

DD is 15, she has problems with the nerves in her arm which leave her with a complete paralysis in her left arm. She had the problem a few years ago and thanks to physio etc it slowly recovered. Unfortunately it relapsed last year and now the Dr's think it may be neurological and she's undergoing lots of tests. Thanks to her school being worse than useless with her needs she has been attending part time for some time now. She's quite socially anxious anyway so having time off really worries her more than a normal kid.

Sunday she had a diarrhoea bug, 24 hour thing, nothing unusual but bad enough that I kept her at home yesterday. Dropped her in school earlier and got a text from her within ten minutes. One of her teachers has had a moan at DD for yesterday and told her that the absence is unauthorised now because she can't provide a Dr's note. I said I'd provide a note but no, apparently thats not good enough and she needs a GP's note.
1. If I'd called the GP I couldn't have gotten an appointment for this 24 hour bug until at least Friday.
2. Who the hell takes a 15 year old to a GP for 24 hour sickness and diarrhoea anyway?!

So now I have a fretting teenager again who will worry over this trivial little thing until I can get it sorted. I'm bloody fuming.

It's the next instalment in a long line of shit from this school and frankly I really am ready to explode.

PlentyOfFreeTime Tue 18-Jun-13 19:25:11

If it was an incident while at school that caused your DD's arm injury why are you not suing the school?

She deserves to be compensated for her loss of function in her arm.

plainjaney Tue 18-Jun-13 20:01:31

Plenty, its complicated. Her injury was caused initially by her over stretching doing something a teacher had asked her to do. It recovered over 12 months. At the time we were told that although the stretching had caused the initial problem they didn't know why it happened or if it could happen again but as she had recovered the Specialists decided against more investigation.

We didn't follow up at that point because we just didn't know how or if this would affect her in the longrun. Now its back again and they are trying to find out why it happens, though its most likely to be a neurological problem.

If this was going to happen anyway then it seems unfair to penalise the school for the coincidental trigger IYSWIM.
We simply don't know enough about the injury at this point to make any judgement.

PlentyOfFreeTime Tue 18-Jun-13 21:22:00

It sounds complicated Janey

I have a DS with SN (adult now). Your DD should be able to get additional support at her future FE College from the college's learning support team (my DS did and it helped him enormously)

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