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AIBU to start a thread discussing the word Cunt?

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FeegleFion Mon 17-Jun-13 19:29:17

I know before I start, that there will be a lot of you who really disagree with using the word Cunt.

I want to start a discussion about it, as I personally, feel that using the word in a positive manner is to be encouraged.

I am from Glasgow and I use/ have always used the word as a term of affection "You're a good wee cunt you".

I wanted to start this thread because I have just come across the following on a Women's Rights forum and I really hope to change negative opinion and association:


*Considered to be the most vile, obscene and vulgar 'swear word' in the English language, the word 'Cunt' in the vernacular means vagina.
As if that is not indication enough why it is considered so vile in the vagina-hating Patriarchy, the word itself was originally a term of respect and reverence for a powerful, spiritually enlightened woman.*

*'Cunt' derives from 'Kunda' or 'Cunti', the Oriental Great Goddess.
She was the Great Yoni of the Universe, where all life came from and to where all life returned for renewal.*

From this same word came the words country, kin and kind.

So, for your delectation, rumination and reasoned discussion, I give you, the word _Cunt_ discuss.

Coconutty Mon 17-Jun-13 20:30:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Feminine Mon 17-Jun-13 20:34:01

I hate it.

Am always saying so.

It sounds totally stupid, and always makes the poster look like an ass.

An ass, trying to be cool!

thegreylady Mon 17-Jun-13 20:34:10

I am another who hates to hear it, see it written down or allow it to cross my mind.I have never said it nor have I ever heard my dh or any of my dc or stepdc say it.
If you want to use a part of your body as an obscenity carry on.
Thread hidden.

claudedebussy Mon 17-Jun-13 20:35:32

i would call you a cunt but you lack both the warmth and the depth.

THERhubarb Mon 17-Jun-13 20:42:07

LyingWitch I didn't realise we had moderators?

Feegle. I don't like it (whaddya mean you already knew? wink)
To me, reclaming the word 'cunt' is a bit like black people reclaiming the word 'nigger'. There is a huge divide even in the black community which means that the word 'nigger' can never truly be reclaimed because it's still viewed as very offensive by so many. And of course there's a whole section of society who could never use the word without being labelled as hugely offensive and racist.

The word 'cunt' might have lovely origins but it has been debased by a misogynistic society who now use it as a derogatory term to offend women. The misogynistic view is, of course, that the female genitalia is dirty and offensive.

Think about it, how many offensive terms can you think of for the female genitalia? Compare that with how many offensive terms there are for male genitalia. There is a huge discrepancy.

I'm from Manchester and we use the term 'cock' in an endearing manner. My dad calls me cock. However I would not use it outside of Manchester because someone would take offensive at that, obviously.

Personally speaking. I don't like the word 'cunt' and would never use it myself. It gives off an 'ugly' vibe and I don't think that women's genitalia is at all ugly. It makes me cringe to hear women calling each other a cunt.

THERhubarb Mon 17-Jun-13 20:45:05

I wonder what the point is of contributing to a thread and then hiding it?

If people don't feel mature enough to have a debate on the word cunt then perhaps they should tuck themselves up in bed? If you disagree with it, no matter how strongly, surely you can both vocalise your thoughts/feelings and debate the topic in a grown-up way?

I find no offence on this thread, just another point of view which I happen to disagree with personally. Hiding it is just so, well, immature really?

LEMisdisappointed Mon 17-Jun-13 20:47:53

If people start reusing the word quim - i tell you now, i am going to saw off my own ears!!!

AKissIsNotAContract Mon 17-Jun-13 20:48:22

I like the word cunt. My cunt isn't dirty or offensive so I will continue to refer to it as I see fit.

I don't agree that there are more insults for women's genitals than men's. There are far more for men's.

twooter Mon 17-Jun-13 20:48:32

Blah, it's just a swear word, like any other. Not one i use, but it really doesn't provoke any emotion different to Any other swear word.

LEMisdisappointed Mon 17-Jun-13 20:48:42

claude i am So going to adopt that phrase - love it!

Morgause Mon 17-Jun-13 20:48:44

I am old, and was a feminist before most mumsnetters were born. For me the use of the word as the worst of insults is just so teemed in misogyny that I can't bring myself to use it and I hate to hear it.


IgnatiusSprat Mon 17-Jun-13 20:49:03

No one has answered me. Ha! In some small way I feel like a win.

<punches air>

<says cunt>

curlew Mon 17-Jun-13 20:49:21

"But - the thing I don't understand about some people's objection to the word cunt - like yours, curlew - is that there's plenty of insults that are based upon male genitalia; arguably more than female; and no one gets aggy about them and says their representative of anti-men attitudes"

Because none of the insults based on male genitalia carry the weight of misogyny and oppression that cunt does. "Public" language was made by men- the insults that involve their own genitalia are usually affectionate, jokey. For really, vicious degrading insults both to use to other men or to woman they used women's bodies.

IgnatiusSprat Mon 17-Jun-13 20:49:21

Ahem. Like I win.

IgnatiusSprat Mon 17-Jun-13 20:50:48

Bugger curlew - x posts! grin

I don't agree actually, I think calling someone a cock or a dick can be just as aggressive as calling someone a twat or a cunt. And I don't see how "public" language has been made by men?

curlew Mon 17-Jun-13 20:50:53

Sorry didn't realise it was some sort of competition. hmm

FeegleFion Mon 17-Jun-13 20:50:56

THERhubarb - Excellent point, and I guess a lot of women want to reclaim the word from the misogynists to say it's not dirty, it's ours but I also see that what curlew argues in relation to being careful not to turn it into the whole 'ladette' reclaiming the weekend.

Believe it or not, I moved to Manchester about 7 or 8 years ago and was greatly offended when a colleague addressed me as cock grin

As an aside, I wondered for quite some time, who this 'rkid' was because everyone seemed to know him and talk about him blush

yaimee Mon 17-Jun-13 20:54:22

There are words that I feel much more strongly about, like slut/slag.
I think cunt can be used in a non offensive way, I don't think slut can.

THERhubarb Mon 17-Jun-13 20:55:53

curlew yes. Offhand I can think of these:

dick, cock, bollocks, balls, prick (none of which are THAT offensive)

and for women:

cunt, fanny, pussy, twat, minge, bush, prick-purse, manhole, crotch cobbler

Just off the top of my head. Most names for the vagina are hugely offensive and relate to what most sexists think the vagina is there for, i.e. for their usage only.

I'm also of an age where the word cunt has never ever been acceptable and is just about the worst insult you could think of. I also think it's horrible because of the way it's pronounced, with a sharp 'u'.

I just wouldn't use it.

curlew Mon 17-Jun-13 20:55:54

I wasn't expecting you to agree. I was just explaining why for some women, the word "cunt" has too much history to be reclaimed.

But I honestly don't think any can possibly say that "dick" is as aggressive and insulting as "cunt". Really.

THERhubarb Mon 17-Jun-13 20:57:23

"You alreet our kid?"

HATE that!


THERhubarb Mon 17-Jun-13 20:58:06

Gotta go. Just for the record, I side with everything curlew says.


IgnatiusSprat Mon 17-Jun-13 21:00:42

I never suggested it could or should be 'recalimed'. I simply wondered why the old argument that it's misogynistic when using words like dick or cock aren't considered by the same people to be misandric. And I'm still wondering.

and nobody has mentioned Brian yet: the Great Yoni of the Universe

1Veryhungrycaterpillar Mon 17-Jun-13 21:01:43

Crotch cobbler!

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