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To think the sample girls pack from the school nurse was totally inappropriate.

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Picturesinthefirelight Sun 16-Jun-13 17:45:48

Dd wanted a private talk this morning. Turns out that in Friday they had the puberty talk and were given a pack. Except they ran out of time so no time to discuss how to use the products.

There were a couple of always panty liners, three Always towels a normal one, a night one and a "silk" one. They were huge. I can't see dd bring able to wear a leotard in one of those.

Then there were two Tampax Compact (the ones with plastic applicators) one Regular Yellow one & one green Super one. As if a year 6 child will be able to insert one if those. When I was at school we were given a same of the special lites ones. They could put her off for life.

Luckily I had anticipated this and a couple of months ago bought a lovely little make up style case by Lillets contains various if their teen products. Smaller child sized towels but that are supposed to be extra absorbent and small easier to insert tampons.

I know they were free samples but really!!'n

McNewPants2013 Sun 16-Jun-13 20:12:51

I never got on well with tampons, a mooncup is far better.

diddl Sun 16-Jun-13 20:18:06

I don't get the problem.

She was given stuff that she doesn't need yet but will at some point.

Plus they didn't say how to use the stuff-well, then you'll have to do it!

We've always been an unlocked bathroom household with people wandering in and out.

So from a young age my daughter knew what tampons were for & how to use them.

She was using them at 10.

Was determined to so that she could swim also felt "safer" using them than pads when horse riding.

youarewinning Sun 16-Jun-13 20:18:13

I'm pretty sure when I tarted my periods (I was 16) there wasn't any 'teen' sanitary products available. There was always and tampax (and other brands), you bought the absorbancy you required.

JoyMachine Sun 16-Jun-13 20:51:26

well, the chances are she won't have any periods anyway! My MIL was a dancer, and she had none for 20 years almost, certainly started extremely late, even for her generation.

AuntPepita Sun 16-Jun-13 20:55:20

Wow, I must have been a really late starter, 4 months off 15 (1993).

halcyondays Sun 16-Jun-13 21:09:41

In my young day, sanitary towels were sanitary towels, child sized ones were unheard of. They would have been useless for my heavy periods anway. I can't see how it's going to put her off for life, she doesn't have to use what's in the sample pack if she doesn't want to. I hated the idea of tampons when I was young, but in later life I used them. But I'm sure plenty of girls have used them from a young age especially if they were swimmers etc. How are "teen" tampons easier to insert anyway?

The only possible issue with tampons being handed out is that some girls might use them without changing them often enough, but presumably this will have been explained to them in school.

Rowgtfc72 Sun 16-Jun-13 21:13:25

I was ten when I started my periods. I was given the belt/Dr Whites combo and hated it. I wasted a whole packet of Lillets trying to work out how to use them. we were given Tampax freebies at school in a little pink or blue case, they were the regular ones. I ended up with pads after my grandma told me the tale of inserting the cardboard and not the tampon. They leaked like buggery and I spent about six months with my jumper tied round my waist. For swimming we had a red dot put in the teachers diary until she started chucking tampons at us and telling us we had to use them. So we did.Dd will get a choice and a bit more than being shown the relevant page in the medical book.

soverylucky Sun 16-Jun-13 21:14:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

halcyondays Sun 16-Jun-13 21:16:29

We never had a talk at all at school, never mind free samples. And I am 35, so not totally ancient grin

MrsDeVere Sun 16-Jun-13 21:22:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

redexpat Sun 16-Jun-13 21:34:34

My mum (HV) had to share an office with the school nurses and would come home very cross around this time of year because she couldnt move in the office for sanitary towels.

Just thought Id share.

BackforGood Sun 16-Jun-13 21:50:40

I'm with most people. Can't see what the problem is. They can't really tailor the talks and samples to allow for the rather unusual circumstances of a child attending a dance school. hmm

I might go and start a thread, questioning why my dd (who is currently doing the sex ed lessons in Yr6) hasn't come home with any free samples, or why my dd1 never got any free samples either.... I'd appreciate some free samples, not complain about them wink

MsWazowski Sun 16-Jun-13 21:54:10

DD2 is a dancer, she is 14 now and started her periods aged 12. She's never wanted to try tampons and was a bit worried about being able to see towels under her leotard at first, but doesn't even think about it now. The towels are really slim and the other girls will be going through the same. Try not to worry smile

MsWazowski Sun 16-Jun-13 21:55:15

Meant to say, she's always used normal 'adult' sizes.

Branleuse Sun 16-Jun-13 21:59:07

how will it put her off for life anyway?? You dont get much option in whether you use sanitary protection or not

Housemum Sun 16-Jun-13 22:51:00

Can't remember if we had any samples at school when I was in year 6 (or 2nd year middle as it would have been for me 35 years ago!) and i think it's fair to assume i didnt, as you couldnt even advertise sanpro on TV until the mid 80's! if I receive samples next year for Dd2 I wouldn't expect her to use them anyway, I'd use them to open and talk about how to use them so doesn't matter what size they are.
Claim to fame my school year was in a Lillets advert in Jackie when we were first year upper school (year 9) grin

steppemum Sun 16-Jun-13 23:00:17

I started aged about 13.
I used tampons from second period, I am so thankful that I did, as I would have missed all sports otherwise

I used adult sizes, regular. lite would have been too small and not absorbent enough

meganorks Sun 16-Jun-13 23:12:10

I found lillets much harder to use as a teen than regular tampons. So not sure your solution pack will be any better than what you object to your dd being given.

marriedinwhiteagain Sun 16-Jun-13 23:21:45

My dd started her periods in Y6. No samples had been provided by a school nurse.

Dd was 10.5. Fortunately I had realised she was developing apace and I had laid some stocks in though I hoped she would get to 11.

She was still so young in spite of all our chats that she told me that evening that she had a strange not poo smelly skid in her knickers.

No big deal; we had a giggle she took it well. We had a cake the next day and she had her ears pierced that weekend (I had said she could when her periods started years before!!!!!).

That weekend we looked at lots of stuff in Boots and bought lots of things for her to try including the lillets staryter pack; a little cosmetic purse to hold some sannies and spare pants, and a little diary to keep a note of dates and cycles.

I don't suppose every pubescent girl gets that much fuss and think the nurse did a grand job at helping the girls familiarise themselves with sannies and tampons.

Dd is 15 now; has always liked Always,silk with wings best and still isn't comfortable. Or confident using tampons although she's got every make under the sun in her drawer.

I really don't think period related stuff is to be shocked about; rather that young girls need rreassurance and support.

The End!

PistachioTruffle Sun 16-Jun-13 23:23:57

I started at 11, and had towels from the start and hated them. I remember getting the pack, and the talk, and really appreciating the chance to try tampons. I read the instruction leaflet and warnings, and had no problem from the first use. It also gave me the confidence to go and ask my mum if we could buy tampons - she hadn't mentioned them as she didn't get on with them, and assumed I'd be the same. She had no problem getting them for me though!

thebody Sun 16-Jun-13 23:34:38

Just read marriedinwhiteagain,

Best post I have read in ages. Lovely mother daughter relationship.

Totally agree.

nohalfmeasures Sun 16-Jun-13 23:39:23

My mum was positively evangelical about tampons (1980's) and it was none of the applicator nonsense either- just Lilets in regular and super. Never had a massive problem with them- it just took a bit of practice.
Over the years have dabbled with mooncups and washables (much easier than you think) but seem to end up back with the tampons again.

Dontlookattheknees Sun 16-Jun-13 23:55:37

People got packs ?? Wow we had a box in the teachers cupboard which I don't think anyone ever used.
I started at 10 and I just used 'adult' ones (teen ones didn't exist and well that's all marketing) straight off the bat - applicator tampax (green then yellow same as now)
They were just around the house.
I don't get the issue

lurkerspeaks Mon 17-Jun-13 00:27:19

I'm afraid as someone who doesn't possess a teen daughter that the teen ranges were a gimmick.

My Mum bought me a huge stash of different products to try. I think I wore one towel for about 2 hours and decided I didn't like the drippy feeling and moved straight to Tampax regulars.

Over the years I've moved from Tampax to lillets and back again a few times. I really like the compact ones but hate the plastic applicators for their environmental impact so I don't buy them unless they are very cheap.

I love the "pretty drawstring bag" to hide the lillets products in. Bloody stupid idea - anyone who has been down the sanpro aisle will know exactly what it is.

Personally I'd go for a period survival kit (bit like the one in my own work bag) with painkillers, tampons (several sizes) and some towels/ liners if she needs contained in a cosmetic pouch.

Panty liners during periods are my new favourite things... no more agonising that you are going to mistime your trip to the loo or get engrossed and forget. I would definitely start newbie tampon wearers off with this habit. And yes, I'm in my thirties and only just learning new tricks!

differentnameforthis Mon 17-Jun-13 02:56:43

I wish to god that my mum would have let me use tampons when I started. I have been heavy from day one & had so many embarrassing leaks (thankfully never at school). The minute I earned my first wage, I bought tampax & never looked back. And it was super size from day one!

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