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To be shocked & upst over dd bday party (that has not even happened yet)

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Lindalucky Sat 15-Jun-13 22:32:23

My dd is 4 next week. She really wanted a part so we eventually agreed.

We booked the venue and she invited the children from her pre school class.

I cant believe the number of parents that have just not replied. I don't mind them not coming but NO acknowledgement at all.

Today my dd ran into one of the kids she had invited who had not replied, so I asked the mother if she was coming. She said she didn't know - I explained that I needed to know for number and she said ok I'll text u later - then nothing. How bad mannered is that? I feel really upset at the rudeness

I am also rather annoyed with the nursery. (This is a very expensive private nursery - and we have never asked them for anything or complained about anything. Compared to what I see there we are very undemanding easy going parents. and I feel the staff have not responded to our request as we are usually relaxed). Before anyone says, I realise the staff are not there to party plan and I would not expect staff at a state nursery to do this; but at this nursery it does seem the norm for staff to get involved with initiation & parties

Firstly for not pointing out to me when I first took the invites in that another child in the class had already given out invitations for a party on the same day. Secondly not giving out several of my dd's invitations until weeks after they had them and when I expressed my concern at the lack of replies they appear not to have bothered mentioning it to the parents as I requested.

I wish I had never agreed to the party. I now have only about 9 children going to the party (including mine) - really not great- I've managed to organise a wedding, christenings and even funerals without getting so worked up and upset.

HooverFairy Sat 15-Jun-13 23:35:11

It's rude not to RSVP, whatever the event. YANBU to be upset because you want your dd's birthday to be special and fun, this seems to be taking away from that a little bit. Please try to set the rudeness of others aside, and also the way that the nursery staff seemed to have dealt with it. I know most people are saying that this is not their job, but if they're doing this for one child then they should be doing it for all of them. I'm not surprised you feel a bit miffed with them and whilst it's not their job, they have made it so that parents think they will assist, so they should treat each party in the same way.

That said, I don't think this will ruin your dd's day. 9 children is enough for a party and if the venue are going to charge for 'missing' guests would it not make sense to move it to your home rather than incur further costs? Your dd will have a great time whatever! Don't worry. I'd feel the same though.

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