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To GPS my cat and go and speak to the neighbour?

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LongGoneBeforeDaylight Fri 14-Jun-13 14:12:15

I own a very large ginger Tom cat. He is supposed to be on a diet but comes home licking his lips and smelling of food. And also, often,
cigarette smoke grin
I bought a "cat nav" device for him (v small USB thing which attaches to his collar). I have used it three times now and downloaded the data and it shows him going into a house about 8 doors down and not moving for an hour.

AIBU to go and speak to them and ask them to stop feeding him? I wasn't planning on telling them about the GPS device... grin

Or would you leave it?

I am aware this post reads like I am a mad woman, btw. I promise I am sane. I just can't bear the patronising vet telling me he will get type 2 diabetes if he doesn't lost weight hmm

Ceebee77 Thu 18-Jul-13 02:07:05

Hi there, I came across this post and wanted to know what tracking device you purchased. I'm pretty desperate at the moment. I've suspected a neighbour has been feeding my cat as she has been putting on weight. In the last month she has come to my house twice a week and I haven't seen her, apart from a fleeting glimpse in a garden, for a week so the person has obviously decided to keep her inside. My cat is seriously obese and she's now so fat her long fur has become matted as she can no longer groom her back. She needs to go to a vet ASAP but can't get hold of her. She was a rescue cat and I spent years of hard work socialising her (she used to bite anyone that touched her). I feel very upset about it as I feel this person is killing my cat by overfeeding her. How do the cat navs work? Do they tell you the number of the house where the cat is or is it just an estimated area? My cat has a collar, identity tag and is microchipped. So they know she has a home.

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