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AIBU? My neighbour thinks I’ve stolen their garden bin.

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SukiTake Thu 13-Jun-13 23:18:43

My neighbour (let?s call them X) is accusing me of trespassing in their garden and of stealing their garden bin blush, which seems like a bit of a shockhmm to me as I think I am entitled to have it. Before I go blowing my top unnecessarily and making a fool of myself about all of this, tell me, AIBU? Here are some facts:

? We shared cost of the collection service pretty much 50/50 over a period of several years.
? X told me at the end of last year that they no longer wanted to share the bin.
? It was just sitting in their garden unused this year.
? I asked X about it and they said it was going to be collected and no we couldn?t have it.
? I phoned the council and found that everyone who had a waste collection bin last year was given the bins (when they were rented prior to that), as the council was changing their admin procedure for them.
? I offered to buy the bin from X, but I didn?t tell them how much I was going to offer, X didn?t name a price, and I have since changed my mind and don?t think I should pay X for it. I consider that the bin was purchased when we first went into the arrangement with them.
? X doesn?t want to use the bin or share it with me, so it seems right to me that I should just take it and use it. So, when they were on holiday I did just that ? went into their garden and took it. I haven?t paid them anything for it because I don?t see why I should. They don?t want it.
? I wasn?t trespassing in X?s garden because they had my bin, and so it is my right to go and retrieve my goods.

I?m not BU, am I? My neighbour, X seems to think I am. WWYD, oh wise and lovely people? I haven?t ?stolen? it, have I? Apparently the council has told X to report the theft of their bin by us, and us trespassing in their garden to the police!!

DrHolmes Sat 15-Jun-13 19:09:10

I am just hoping it was a wind up thread!
I'm actually angry on behalf of the neighbours. Just give them their sodding bin.

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