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AIBU to be surprised that a boy in my 6 year old DD's class........

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ThoughtsPlease Thu 13-Jun-13 22:15:17

told her that her shortened name, which she likes to be called, is only 1 letter away from a name for a girl's bottom! I am not sure exactly what term he used, but my DD said this. She then went on to say that she didn't know what name he meant.

It is true, when you shorten her name this is the case, I have no problem with this, I don't really mind that someone has said this to her obviously I knew at some point someone would, but I am surprised that it was from a peer when she was just 6.

Her name is Francesca, and she likes to be called Frannie.

AIBU to be surprised by this from a 6 year old boy?

wamabama Sun 16-Jun-13 19:27:19

I wass going to say happygirl my mum always said 'quit fannying about' and she has called me 'Fanny Adams' before too but if you dare use fanny in that way she goes off on one! She's always found it really rude. I remember when I was little my best friend called it that so I copied when I went home and the way my mum reacted was as if i'd said cunt! Some people find it really rude apparently. I guess it is slightly crude.

My mum always said 'todger' for a boys and 'twinkle' for a girls. I use todger now with my DC but I say foo for vagina or foo foo if i'm talking to adults grin. I've heard floo and foof being used also.

I think she'll have to get used to it tbh. I knew a Fran in school who had the same issue until secondary school when everyone grew out of finding it funny.

chillinwithmyyonis Sun 16-Jun-13 19:18:56

I'm from northwest england, and fanny was definitely not a rude word when I was a kid. Actually my mum used it as a term of endearment sometimes, as our neighbour did with 'cock' (though I think it referred to cockerel not willy). And yes to fannying as a verb.

sunshine401 Sun 16-Jun-13 18:14:22

lol, I was only saying calm down grin

Bosgrove Sun 16-Jun-13 17:15:17

I was a very innocent child, I called my first pet Fannie. It was a gold fish which had a beautiful fan like tail. How my parents must have cringed, and even now I hate the porn star name game (you know your porn star name is the name of your first pet and your mothers maiden name)

One of my friends adult daughters is also called Frannie (or Fran or Francesca depending on her mood) so I wouldn't bat an eyelid to see a child with the same name.

perpetuallypuzzled Fri 14-Jun-13 17:27:22

Sunshine- it's actually a vulva you've got- not a vagina......

to be fair she's probably got both!

melika Fri 14-Jun-13 17:14:53

Yes ha ha in the US fanny means bum, I found this hilarious when they pointed out DH had a fanny bag. It was a bum bag.

ThoughtsPlease Fri 14-Jun-13 16:24:17

AKiss my point was that the names William and Richard can be shortened for amusement and teasing to Willy or Dick, not that a parent or child would actually choose to shorten the name to either of these.

In the same way that Francesca is actually shortened to Frannie not Fanny.

Personally I'm not keen on Frankie.

IWillDoItInAMinute Fri 14-Jun-13 16:11:25

Boys - willy
Girls-nunny - not sure of spelling
A friend of mine worked for a Jewish family and it was their word. I like it and recently heard Sarah Milligan use it, so not sure if more commonly used up north confused

ComposHat Fri 14-Jun-13 15:57:50

*A child should be taught the proper names, why make up random names for perfectly normal bodies parts. This is why people grow up thinking their parts of their body are rude or something to be embarrassed by....
We have a vagina or a penis thank you*

All well and good until they get on the schoolyard. Although I am looking forwarded to telling someone to 'stop Vulvaing about'

curlew Fri 14-Jun-13 15:56:54

Sunshine- it's actually a vulva you've got- not a vagina......

AKissIsNotAContract Fri 14-Jun-13 15:49:52

so what about the names William and Richard, have all these men had tormented lives because of their names?!

Most Williams will be shortened to Billy, Will or Bill and most Richards to Rick or Rich. I've not heard of kids being called Dick or Fanny outside of Enid Blyton books.

If I had a Francesca I'd call her Frankie.

sunshine401 Fri 14-Jun-13 15:04:02

I hate slang for anything it is awful. A child should be taught the proper names, why make up random names for perfectly normal bodies parts. This is why people grow up thinking their parts of their body are rude or something to be embarrassed by....
We have a vagina or a penis thank you grin.

Justfornowitwilldo Fri 14-Jun-13 14:53:37

It must be down to geography how rude it's considered. Which doesn't really help the OP grin. I'd stick to a simple 'that's not your name' line.

GingerCurry Fri 14-Jun-13 14:38:55

We call those bits "muffs" and "winks"
And underarms are "smuffs"

? Scottish/London /Welsh roots
Don't really know where they came from but they have stuck in this family.

KatieScarlett2833 Fri 14-Jun-13 14:27:08

Here, Fanny is another word for idiot.

ThoughtsPlease Fri 14-Jun-13 14:26:09

Yes happygirl87 while I think it is ok to use it for fannying around etc, as a noun it does seem crude.

This is why I am still not sure whether to just leave it until either the same boy or another child brings it up again and then explain, or actually just explain to her now.

My DDs go to a small village school which is part of the reason why I was surprised to hear this at 6. So it might be that it just gets forgotten for now, especially as she gave no reaction as she had no idea what he meant.

HormonalHousewife Fri 14-Jun-13 14:22:15

Gawd - hope its not my son who has just said this blush

happygirl87 Fri 14-Jun-13 14:20:08

IME (South East coast, then London) "fannying around" as a verb is like a slightly more edgy/colloquial version of "faffing about"- I say it a lot to friends, but wouldn't say it to boss/MIL.

My Gran sometimes calls me "Fanny-Adams" affectionately, but amongst younger family members (e.g. parents generation), "sweet FA" or "sweet fanny adams" is a euphimism for "sweet fuck all", a very rude/angry way to say "nothing".

Fanny as a noun to me is very crude, not as rude as c**t, but would only expect to hear it in conversation between teenage boys/men in their early twenties/comedians IME. Often used in derogatory or misogynist way, e.g. a smelly fanny, or a loose fanny. Not a word my friends/DM would use if talking about an area of their own body, and def not a word I would teach a future DD- so really interesting for me to see that so many people have it as the equivalent of "willy"!

AnnaFiveTowns Fri 14-Jun-13 13:57:12

Fanny isn't rude. But "front bottom"? Eww, gross!

Rainbowdrop8 Fri 14-Jun-13 12:48:36

I was on a flight in America recently when the older lady cabin crew said to a guy "Sorry I just brushed against you with my fanny".

I'm 30 but couldn't hold in the giggles. DH was horrified, he thought he meant vagina grin

babyru Fri 14-Jun-13 12:29:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wylye Fri 14-Jun-13 11:53:41

I have however heard it called a Mimsy wink

ThoughtsPlease Fri 14-Jun-13 11:27:56

curlew yes thank you that sounds a good plan.

mrsjay it's ok I am not upset smile

ThoughtsPlease Fri 14-Jun-13 11:25:52

Haha Mimsy getting vulva and Volvo mixed up!!

MimsyBorogroves Fri 14-Jun-13 10:56:32

I'm originally from the North East, and fanny would be considered crude, on a par with "dick". I don't think we had an equivalent to willy which I wouldn't have been allowed to say at home, either - I suppose girl's bits didn't really get spoken about. At home it was referred to, if at all, by "front bit", which I consider to be less irritating than "front bottom". Interestingly, "fannying about" wouldn't be considered crude.

Now I prefer my DSs to refer to their genitals as penis/testicles or, at a push, "bits". I've used "vulva" when asked about girl bits, but knowing DS1 he'll get that mixed up with Volvo. I hate "willy", as it seems...infantile. In a bad way.

DH (West Country) uses fanny. It makes me cringe, even now. It's not a swear word (I love those) it's just...icky.

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