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To sell my Stone Roses tickets for this weekend and go out with DH for dinner instead?

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Washbasin Wed 12-Jun-13 18:48:46

DH and I have tickets for The Stone Roses this weekend. It looks like it's going to rain. I'd love to see them again (previous saw in 1995 twice) but I'd also love the money and a night out just me and DH. We have a babysitter arranged to look after our three kids but I honestly cannot remember the last time we went out for dinner just the two of us.

Would IBU if we put the tickets on eBay then went out for a lovely dinner and some peace instead? Or is that just plain boring!

verytellytubby Wed 12-Jun-13 19:44:00

I saw them last Saturday at Finsbury Park. It was bloody brilliant. Best night I've had in ages. We went to an after party and got home at 6am. Fun but I'm still recovering. grin

Norem Wed 12-Jun-13 19:44:01

We are going and I can't wait, saw them at t in the park last year and it was fab despite the mud.
Come along, you will have a ball, go out to dinner first.

missmash Wed 12-Jun-13 19:44:08

No it was Miles Kane, Johnny Marr and PIL(John Lyndon sucks) none of them that impressive but the atmosphere even early on was great.

Wereonourway Wed 12-Jun-13 19:48:40

You absolutely must must must go to the gig.

I saw them at Heaton park last year, was without doubt the best gig I've ever been to. It was a mud bath and pissing down but it was brilliant

Best atmosphere by far too, you can do dinner anytime(babysitter permitting), I don't think you will be disappointed if you go.

buzzgirly Wed 12-Jun-13 19:51:25

We're going too. Tbh I'm not that fussed for the Stone Roses, but looking forward to seeing Jake Bugg and having a child free wkd!!

LemonDrizzleCakeLady Wed 12-Jun-13 19:55:16

Saw them in the Phoenix Park, Dulin last Summer - absolutely brilliant gig, I would go if I was you........or I'll gladly go in your place grin

Bearbehind Wed 12-Jun-13 19:55:25

There's loads of places that do early (per-theatre) meals in Glasgow, just go for a quick bite to eat once the babysitter arrives and get to the gig in time the for the main act.

madkittens Wed 12-Jun-13 20:01:10


We saw them on the Saturday of their Heaton Park gigs last year and there was one point during 'This is the One' followed by 'She Bangs The Drums' where the atmosphere was like a flipping religious experience. Everyone and I mean everyone in the vicinity was dancing like no one was watching and singing every lyric.

Brings tears to me eyes just thinking about it. I have been to many, many gigs over the years but have NEVER experienced anything like that in my life. Was truly amazing.

stickyg Wed 12-Jun-13 20:08:33

If you've already seen them then I would sell them.

We travelled down from Scotland to see them in Manchester last year and despite them being a bit shit live, we had a good time smile I never got to see them back in the 90's so I really wanted to see them but they definitely weren't good enough for me to spend the money to go see them again.

Have a good night whatever you decide xx

RedToothBrush Wed 12-Jun-13 20:17:19

Now I LOVE the Stone Roses and LOVE my music and going to gigs.


The sad and honest truth is that Ian Brown sounds like a dying cat when he sings live. I really, really wish he didn't.

And the experience doesn't get any more appealing when I start thinking about the type of crowd the Roses attracts - a particularly high percentage of drunken twats - far more than other bands. If you aren't covered in rain, you'll be covered in piss.

Don't go.

ParadiseChick Wed 12-Jun-13 20:49:23

Mad kittens I got goosebumps just reading that. And that right there is why I adore live music.

Washbasin Wed 12-Jun-13 20:59:53

I think I don't want my 90's experience of them tainted either, I saw them at the barrowlands and it was utterly amazing. But I was only 19 and life was obviously different then! I've heard he's now a bit dodgy singing live plus it could be a ned fest at Glasgow Green. Gigs outdoors always sound worse too IMO.

Hmm, what to do what to do

Washbasin Wed 12-Jun-13 21:01:42

Mad kittens, that's what it was like in the 90's gig, truly amazing and I still remember when they came on to I wanna be adored, goosebumps! I'm worried it won't be the same now!

squeakytoy Wed 12-Jun-13 21:03:03

you can still put tickets on ebay. you just put them into a different section.

do a search for stone roses tickets and see which bit they are in

WilsonFrickett Wed 12-Jun-13 21:11:43

He always sounded like a bag of sick kittens - you just didn't notice it when you were 19.

Honestly, when you wake up on Sunday you will regret not going. You can book a babysitter and have a meal out next month, surely? It's going to be EPIC. And it's only a one day gig so I don't think the mud will get that bad. Forecast is sun and showers anyway. And clearly you're a weegie so I'm a bit surprised you're letting a little bit of rain put you off...


<warbles 'I am the reserection' loudly in the OP's general direction>

Wereonourway Wed 12-Jun-13 21:19:34

Mad kittens you have just hit the nail on the head. I was there on the Saturday too.

I've also been to many a gig and found it hard to describe how good the atmosphere was, you've summed it up to a t!

My personal highlights were made of stone and this is the one, fantastic day and night

SingingSilver Wed 12-Jun-13 21:43:14

I would definitely go. You can have dinner anytime. You never know how long the Roses will be around for! I just saw the Shane Meadows documentary this week, it was brilliant. Twice the whole audience spontaneously applauded, for Fools Gold and Waterfall. Can't you get dinner beforehand?

ladymariner Wed 12-Jun-13 21:55:47

People are seriously selling tickets because it might rain......seriously?????

Redbindy Wed 12-Jun-13 22:28:54

Will see them on Friday. Fuck the weather, that's part of open air gigs.

Dozer Wed 12-Jun-13 22:31:29

Some friends went to finsbury park, said was OK but only OK, a couple of them got near the front and got soaked with pint glasses of wee!


ParadiseChick Wed 12-Jun-13 22:39:04

Dozer that's standard practice for gigs!

I just bought a pair of tickets off gumtree, well I will have tomorrow when I get met the guy.

Can't wait now.

RedToothBrush Wed 12-Jun-13 22:50:16

No its not standard practice for gigs.

Its standard practice for gigs full of twats.

This is not true of all gigs. Its simply down to the type of fan a particular band attracts. Some bands have a higher weetwat quota.

The Stone Roses sadly score a 10 on the weetwat-ometer.

WilsonFrickett Wed 12-Jun-13 23:31:13

lady people from Glasgow! where it rains all. The. Time.

ladymariner Thu 13-Jun-13 00:20:11

wilson grin grin

If it rains it rains, you won't melt.....but you will regret not seeing a band, especially one you might never see again. And yes, I'm especially astounded as I wouldn't care if I was knee deep in water if it meant seeing Roses, we tried to get tickets but couldn't.....

WilsonFrickett Thu 13-Jun-13 00:22:56

Well apparently there are lots being sold now because it might rain....

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