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to send my daughter to school tomorrow?

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Mum2Pea Sun 09-Jun-13 16:37:50

Dd1 had chicken pox come up last saturday and was off school for the week.
aibu if I send her back to school tomorrow?
she is covered in scabs but is not itchy and I think, also past the stage of being contagious.
so aibu and should I wait til the majority of the scabs have cleared?

Itsaboatjack Sun 09-Jun-13 16:40:44

I would. Once they are scabbed over they are not contagious anymore.

LindyHemming Sun 09-Jun-13 16:41:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nanny0gg Sun 09-Jun-13 16:54:26

As long as she is feeling okay, and you're sure no more spots have appeared it should be fine.

ilovepowerhoop Sun 09-Jun-13 17:03:14

once they are scabby then they are not contagious so perfectly fine for her to go back to school tomorrow

zipzap Sun 09-Jun-13 17:05:15

How old is she?

I would send her back but talk to her teacher just to make her aware that she might get more tired or emotional than usual during the day and to go gently on her so she can get used to being back at school.

And then have an easy supper and quiet afternoon lined up for after school - when ds1 (then 6) had cp, even though he was ready not to be at home, he still took a little settling back into school and the energy needed!

TheMagicKeyCanFuckOff Sun 09-Jun-13 17:31:49

Yes, she's ready, but some parents might give you bad looks (for no reason).

lljkk Sun 09-Jun-13 18:39:33


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