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Not to pay the plumber but strangle him instead??!!!

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whatamardarse Tue 28-May-13 14:40:02

The toilet broke, wouldn't flush , all the water drained out of cistern.
I phoned plumber, he came out and started working on it. STUPIDLY I let him continue even though he didnt quote me the bill even though I did ask a few times. He just kept saying " one minute love " 2 week old baby fussing down stairs do I left him to it.

He fitted a new valve/ pump but could t fix lid on for some reason and the tank fill up VERY slowly.

The out side tap now dosnt work but worst of all is the hideous sound like a bloody train shunting in through my bath room constantly. Relentlessly. I have to turn water off to stop it, its banging its arse out now as i have to do the washing.

I called him back out on Friday and he faffed about upstairs come down looking confused said he fixed it and said he would be back this afternoon for payment - £45 .

It wasn't fixed at all.

DH rang him and the plumber had said he has done all he can and will be round later for payment .

We now have another plumber booked for this evening . So paying out to fix the problem the original plumber caused. Can I just tell him to piss off!

purpleroses Tue 28-May-13 22:59:47

I had a plumber do similar to me once - failed to fix the problem, refused to come back and sort it out so I had to pay a different one to fix it (was very simple to fix the new one told me).

I cancelled the cheque I'd written him. Got a stroppy letter off him saying I was unreasonable to have done so "for no reason" shock but heard nothing further of it. It's not worth their while to pursue you through the courts for small amounts of money, and he'd quite possibly lose anyway if he'd not done what you'd asked him to do.

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