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To ask if you have hairy nipples?

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Cropcircles Sun 26-May-13 19:39:23

I do. I feel like a freak. How common is this?

ilovepowerhoop Sun 26-May-13 19:41:34

I have a few hairs on my nipples and I just trim them with scissors. I tried plucking but got ingrown hairs that were painful to get back out again

TheFlipsideOfTheCoin Sun 26-May-13 19:43:14

I get a couple and just pluck the, out. I've asked all of my female friends about this and they all get them!

crazycanuck Sun 26-May-13 19:43:40

Fellow sufferer here. I've resorted to plucking.

CockyFox Sun 26-May-13 19:43:42

I have them, and pubic hair that reaches my tummy button at the front and all round my bun and up my back. And an almost full beard and moustache.
I have severe PCOS though so it is part of that.

Cropcircles Sun 26-May-13 19:43:45

I think mine would still be pretty noticeable if I trimmed.

Itchywoolyjumper Sun 26-May-13 19:44:41

I've got a few too. I remember when I was a teenager my mate's vile boyfriend trying to make fun of her about this and every girl we were with saying they had them too.
Strangely I have a lot less now that I've had a baby.

Cropcircles Sun 26-May-13 19:45:53

CockyFox snap on the hairy tummy. My GP wants to test me for PCOS.

I feel so unfeminine.

Pouncer1 Sun 26-May-13 19:49:24

Thanks OP for this thread...I thought it was just meblush

SizzleSazz Sun 26-May-13 19:50:18

No, none here.

CajaDeLaMemoria Sun 26-May-13 19:51:53

No, I don't either.

I'd never heard that this happened. Or that it was so common. I feel odd.

Cropcircles Sun 26-May-13 19:51:54

Well SizzleSazz it's 7-1 so far. grin

freddiefrog Sun 26-May-13 19:51:55

Yes. One thick black one appears on my left nipple now and then. I pluck it out

TheFlipsideOfTheCoin Sun 26-May-13 19:53:39

I have a hairy tummy too! Currently being tested for PCOS so my opinion in this thread may be slightly invalid as my "hairyness" could be a medical thing.
But don't feel unfeminine, I think body hair is entirely normal and it's just our silly society that states that women need to be hairless creatures. It's bizarre really. Who woke up one day and said we should all start shaving our legs!? Madness.

Oblomov Sun 26-May-13 19:55:46

Yes. A few. Thought everyone had. Everyone I have ever spoken to about this has said they do. Hate it. So unfeminine.

FarBetterNow Sun 26-May-13 19:57:38

In the USA nostril hairs are removed. That must be painful.

knackeredmother Sun 26-May-13 20:01:27

Yes loads. Dark haired, hair everywhere. No PCOS to blame either!

boatclub Sun 26-May-13 20:01:54

I have to do a bit of plucking. Ex P was appalled when he caught me once

YokoUhOh Sun 26-May-13 20:03:33

Yep - pluck them. I have a fetching blonde 'tache, too - it's kinda comforting to stroke it sometimes really must learn threading

redexpat Sun 26-May-13 20:05:52

Yes, a few, although fewer since I had a baby. Wish I could say the same for my upperlip and chin.

mervynmouse Sun 26-May-13 20:11:23

It's not at all unusual op! I have them, so do many friends. Annoying to deal with though, I had them lasered a few years ago but it only lasted a couple. Fewer grow now and I pluck.

Cropcircles Sun 26-May-13 20:11:48

Well this is all very reassuring I must say, thanks smile. My mum has also told me that her hormones settled down a lot after having babies. Maybe I should start using this as a chat up line and crack on with it.

I've started getting electrolysis on my stomach and the beauty therapist asked if I wanted to book in for my nipples as well. She hadn't seen them so I guess it must be common, at least among hairier ladies.

HorraceTheOtter Sun 26-May-13 20:12:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CremeEggThief Sun 26-May-13 20:37:16

I am surprised to learn some people don't have them!

juneybean Sun 26-May-13 20:38:42

I don't but I do have dark hair elsewhere

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