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wibu to sweep neighbour's rubbish back?

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waikikamookau Sun 26-May-13 16:40:04

they have a power hose which they power hose their garden, i think it is their dog mess they are hosign away angry
that is annoying enough as our garden gets wet.
but the other day they power hosed outside the front of their house, down the road to the front of our house! all this crap. i wanted to sweep it back but dh wouldnt let me so i surrepticiously pushed it back with my feet every time i walked by <<unreasonable, childish me?>>

yesterday, hmph they did the same at the back and left a huge pile of dirt outside the back of our house

i was incensed.
so shoudl i sweep it back? << I did blush >>

or get dh -- to-- have a word angry

LRDtheFeministDragon Sun 26-May-13 16:56:27


If they think it's ok for them to sweep their mess into the front of your garden, then they can hardly object if you give your garden a sweep and it ends up in front of theirs.

Having a word would be more mature, but I know which I'd actually do.

DoJo Sun 26-May-13 19:21:01

I would just go round, all sweetness and light, and mention to them that they obviously didn't realise it, but when they do that all the dirt ends up in front of your house, so would they mind making sure it doesn't happen again. Getting into a tit for tat situation over it will inevitably escalate, and why would your oh have to go round to have a word if you're the one who's obviously most bothered by it?

FarBetterNow Sun 26-May-13 19:38:50

Well, I'd go out and clear it up and make sure they know you are doing it.

I never understand the mentality of brushing or hosing dirt away and then leaving it to blow back.

Maybe they will take a hint.

waikikamookau Sun 26-May-13 20:42:03

its a bad habit to just sweep it somewhere else isn't it? horrible people.

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