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AIBU to want to sit in my garden without being subjected to next doors loud music?

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jamdonut Sun 26-May-13 16:32:28

Just that.

Lovely sunny day,chance to go out and sit in the garden, but next door have friends and their children over,and are playing awful repetitive Ibiza style music loudly. We've tried playing some Muse back at them,and they turned it down a bit,then we went in to have lunch and they turned it back up angry I wouldn't dare go talk to them about it...they're scary!

AudrinaAdare Sat 27-Jul-13 22:00:08

I always turn my car music right down (although it is never that loud) when driving through villages and populated areas. Especially when turning into the development I live in which is just off a busy a-road.

I once went outside raving like a madwoman and complained when a van turned up with music blaring and they left it on while fixing whatever needed doing two doors down. To be fair, I had been up with DS all night and he had just gone to sleep at two p.m, but people work shifts / are ill and perhaps don't want to be forced to listen to shite rap while they are in their own homes disturbing nae fucker angry

deakymom Sun 28-Jul-13 00:15:09

we have issues with our neighbours over this he also allows his overweight son to bounce naked on the trampoline which they have just moved right next to our fence he only does it because last year he had a girl living with them so she decided to sunbathe on the shed roof facing our garden (not there own) and it set my son off yelling about tits in the garden so now his son is flashing his bits off and whenever my son goes to bed he starts shouting by the fence its only a short garden and because we have the window open we can hear everything they also had a dog that would bark constantly so i reported it i had enough of it waking the baby up

honestly these people even jumped the fence to swipe food last year i saw the girls butt and my food disappearing over the fence total nightmare
but today when they were playing there music loud i suggested random things to my husband (loud enough to hear) like water bomb the cd player and move house and exchange with some really bad travellers the music suddenly dipped to a reasonable level? hmmmm

cuntingrimmer08 Sun 28-Jul-13 06:52:21

Music in gardens part of summer, loud and persistent music into the early hours is anti social . My neighbours like to have their surround sound so loud it can be heard over our tv . Also on at 4.00 in the morning so I can actually hear dialogue . That's unacceptable IMO .

Justforlaughs Sun 28-Jul-13 07:01:19

I don't mind a bit of music in the garden occasionally, I DO however object to being kept awake at night by the incredibly loud classic music that one neighbour insists on singing along to, late into the night. It's inside his house but with his windows open, even if we shut ours it still wakes the children up. And don't get me started on lawn mowers etc! grin

exoticfruits Sun 28-Jul-13 07:19:18

I can never understand why anyone thinks it is OK to play music in their garden- it is antisocial to inflict it on others.

FacebookWanker Sun 28-Jul-13 07:43:35

Some people aren't approachable so it's not always as simple as just talking to them.

loud music can be a problem and very stressful if it's keeping you awake night after night...

yoshipoppet Sun 28-Jul-13 09:04:26

Since the weather has been warm we've had this all day and all evening from one house.

What's really bugging me about it is, it's the same bloody record all the time. If they'd change it about a bit it wouldn't be so irritating.

KvassInTheNight Sun 28-Jul-13 12:40:32

i would presume that any music i played in the garden was more likely to annoy my neighbours than please them.

happyreindeer Sun 28-Jul-13 12:50:06

yoshipoppet I know what you mean. Our neighbour years ago used to play ub40`s red red wine over and over. Our neighbours now are great if they play music it is very low and does not last long.Awful for the op and others to have to pout up with this.

Beastofburden Sun 28-Jul-13 14:27:42

The thing is, if you are someone who genuinely enjoys having music on around you at all times, you will genuinely not mind hearing other people's music either. And you are probably quite good at tuning it out.

It can be hard to put yourself into the shoes of someone for whom music (or any kind of noise) is a very active choice, and if it is on, you can't really do anything else. That means that if it is music you don't enjoy, or is on too long, or at the wrong time, it is miserable. There is quite a lot of evidence that more extroverted types just experience noise differently- they notice it less and retain it less, and that's why they dont get as overwhelmed at parties and so forth as introverted people do.

People will definitely be too shy to say something, because they expect aggression back. Sometimes they would be right about that, sometimes not.

As a rule, I would say that if your neighbours don't choose to play loud music in their garden, it's probably something they don't like, and so they are probably bothered if you do.

I think for there to be some mutual understanding about this, both types of people need to recognise that the other type experiences it very differently from the way they do.

GameSetAndMatch Sun 28-Jul-13 18:03:39

But apart from the fact they shouldnt be blasting the noise, why is it ALWAYS drum n bass stuff? always. not even decent stuff.

I just shouted across the fence as next doors brats kiddiewinks have been screaming like banshees all day. ALL day. okay, rathert hat than er- music is it?

but after 7 hours of it, not even nice laughy pretty kiddy noise, I shouted ''gosh i feel like caling social services ina minute, those kids sound like theyre being tortured''.seriously sounded like it, but I was joking, yet the person 'responsible' just asked them to stop the noise!

at last.

Beastofburden Sun 28-Jul-13 22:59:05

Lol agree but then I only like classical music so I always assume I am just BU about other people's music. Bloody kids, bring back good traditional British summer rain, eh?

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